1. arcadekitten

    Is it possible to create character profiles, and have them show up as their own feature in the in-game menu?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for help with something that seems pretty advanced and I am still only just a beginner, heh. But it's an important part of my game, so I'd really like to be able to implement it, even if I have to find work-arounds! Basically, I want to be able to create my own...
  2. RMMZ I need help with custom menus in MZ

    Hi! I want to make a menu where if you press escape, all you will see is a "save" button and an "exit" button. I have attached an image of what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance! :)
  3. RMMZ How to display icons on the screen at all times?

    Hi, For example, I like to display the clock, book, and wallet in the bottom right corner of the screen and it can be accessed by the click of a button or pressing a key on the keyboard. I have the icons, but unsure what needs to be done to have them displayed. I tried searching around but...
  4. peves

    How can I let the player delete save files? Also Complex Lists?

    So first: I basically want to create an extra option in the main menu to delete saves: New Game Continue Delete Save(s) Shutdown Something like ^ This. It would bring up the save files the way the Continue game option would and then if the user clicks on one of the files they could get a yes...
  5. Uzuki

    Style vs Information

    So I'm in a bit of a predicament here on a design decision I have to make involving on whether I make pleasingly stylish battle menu that just gives the player the basic information or the basic RM menu but with access to a lot more on-hand information. I'm using the amazing Olivia's State...
  6. Looking for a plugin/method of changing system parameters

    I'm looking for a way to change this such as "Weapon Types" "Skill Types" Etc. As opposed to having weapons and equipment equipped in the game, I'd like all new items to be upgrades. So the player has built in slots on existing weapons, and can socket them to alter the performance of the...
  7. TheDrifter

    [SOLVED] Need help on fixing character page cycling in status menu with Q & W keys

    Hi! I'm currently using Yanfly's YEP_StatusMenuCore and YEP_SkillCore plugins, along with the YEP_EquipCore plugin. What works: When the player opens up their in-game menu and goes to Equip (YEP_EquipCore), they see four options: Equip, Customize, Optimize, Clear If they hover over an option...
  8. Tevi

    Making Menu Screens/Chatboxes to have different backgrounds.

    Back to the forums, it seems. Anyways, I haven't been able to find an easy to use script that allows there to be different menus for different things. (I've looked all day ;-; ) I'm basing my game off a discord joke, because I thought the joke was funny, and it is a really over the top game...
  9. Auction Lemon

    How to make menu body color nontransparent?

    How do I make the menu body color nontransparent?
  10. Completely Hide Parameters or Stats

    Hi, I've searched for hours and tried countless plugins, but oddly enough, as simple as my use case is I can't seem to find a plugin that's offered the desired functionality. It seems that both the default engine and many plugin makers assume that a game will always use or rename the base...
  11. Sorting Menu Contents By Category (SOLVED)

    So, I've got a category window that's supposed to filter the items in the primary list based on their associated category. I've based my code off of what the game uses for the ItemCategory window. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything. I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem, either -...
  12. Winston

    Is There an Easy Way to do Menus on RPG Maker?

    Hey guys, Is there an easy way to make menus like this: The icon doesn't need to highlight when you scroll the mouse over it, but I want it to be mouse controlled rather than keyboard controlled (could be both though). Also I'm looking to have 3-4 different menus in the game, so not...
  13. Reapergurl

    Circular or other shaped text/menu boxes?

    There aren't many games I've seen/played with message or menu boxes/bubbles that aren't square/rectangular, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it to where such a thing would be possible without cracking hardcoded anything (that's a messy job that's reeeeeeealllly HARD to clean up)...
  14. PhoenixX92

    Replacing Character Photos In Menus With Gifs?

    Title says it all... I'm really, really terrible at drawing people/faces, so I was going to use a gif of the characters walking in the menus. How can I do this? I know it'll probably require a script, so if there is one, I'd greatly appreciate being linked to it.
  15. HexMozart88

    Platformer Game Menu

    Platformer Game Menu v. 1.0  By HexMozart88 Introduction Just another menu script. It makes your menu screen look like a pause screen you'd find in a Platformer game. (Warning: Created by a newbie!) Features - Gives the option of making a stage select screen with events or with a...
  16. Spindaboy

    Making Abilities Directly Usable From the Battle Menu

    I want certain abilities to be used in battle, but without going into a submenu. For example, how I would select the Magic command then be taken to another menu with the spell I want. I'm looking for the spell to be accessible from the same menu as the Magic command. 
  17. Kino

    EISTeleportationSystem Updated: Version: 1.03

    Intro: This plugin allows you set up a teleportation system in game. Version: 1.03 Change Log: Added ability to change player direction during teleport <teleportMap: <x> <y> <direction(see numpad)>  Example: <teleportMap: 11 6 6 > -- Player will be facing right after...
  18. JadedPriest

    Editing Colors in Menus?

    Hey, I've spent the last hour, HOUR, trying to find the solution to this. Okay, I want to edit the menu colors specifically the highlight color. I seriously Have no idea how to do this. From searching for plugins, searching for tutorials, and searching the core game code to find it and edit it...
  19. TheDrifter

    How do you reorder how stats appear in all menus / windows?

    Hi there!How do I change the order in which my stats appear in all menus / windows?I'd like to change the order from:"Max HP, Max MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck"to this order:"Max HP, Max MP, Defense, Attack, Agility, Luck, Magic, Magic Defense"Thanks a lot for helping!
  20. TheDrifter

    Allow mouse wheel to scroll up or down menus

    Greetings, I recognize this is kind of an odd request, but I am looking for a script that allows the mouse wheel to be used for scrolling up or down menus. No, I am not looking for a full mouse script for clicking stuff or anything, I am already using Shaz's Super Simple Mouse Script for that...

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