1. Tsukihime

    Menu Command Manager

    The Command Manager now supports party menu commands. The party menu is the menu where you manage your party, such as using items or skills outside of battle, equipping your actors, changing your formation, or saving/quitting the game. The basic functionality is to allow you to easily choose...
  2. Cricketfoot

    IG Maker Menus

    Okay, I"m having one heck of a time understanding menus. The tutorials by Kain are pretty good, but they seem to just go through the steps but not totally explain things. Basically, I just want a HUD for my side scroller. I managed to get a simple player health bar, but I can seem to figure out...
  3. How, where and when is the menu cursor drawn?

    Here's what I've been able to figure out by myself about the structure of a window... tone is a bitmap that is the blue background contents is a bitmap that contains the contents of the window, like HP gauges and text cursor_rect is (I assume) a Rect that contains the area that is lit up by...
  4. bananatron

    Font padding

    I'm not sure if this is where this belongs but I'm looking for where/how I'd change the font padding and/or origin for text in the default menus. When using some custom fonts the text gets cut off at the beginning of the selection and it I'd like to give each selection a few pixels more wiggle...
  5. Tsukihime

    Menu Music

    This script allows you to assign a BGM and BGS to play in the menu. They will be played until you return to the map, where the map music will then replay. Download Get it at Hime Works! Installation Place this script below Materials and above Main Usage In the configuration type in...
  6. vociferocity

    Equipping Skills For Battle

    so for my game I have a very FF9 style class system: characters can swap between classes, learning skills for each class. during battle (and through the main menu) they can only access the skills that are for that class (the princess has access to the "prayer" skills as a healer, and "vanquish"...

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