1. Sauteed_Onion

    Cat Themed Icons for use in RPG MAKER MV

    HI thanks for considering my thread meow. I'm looking for some cat themed Icons for use in my game! In particular, a cat's paw, with no claws extended, possibly going from bottom right corner to upper left corner, a cat's paw with claws extendend perhaps going in the same direction, a full...
  2. Sauteed_Onion

    How do I make a land vehicle for overworld use

    Hi, I was wondering how you would make say a vehicle players can use to travel over land and possibly have it set so there are no encounters while driving it. Would be nice if you could board the vehicle from in town, and have it transfer the player to the overworld map from in town. I'm not...
  3. Sauteed_Onion

    Worst Nightmares.. for ROBOTS!

    Ok, I think wrenches are a robot's worst nightmare. I've heard other people say radically different things. What is a robot's worst nightmare?
  4. Sauteed_Onion

    How do I make another enemy join a fight when an enemy reaches a certain HP%?

    Hi, I'd like to know how to make an enemy join a fight somewhere in the middle of the fight and I'd like to know if it is at all possible to do this without plugins? And if not, which plug in would you recommend, meow?
  5. Sauteed_Onion

    Festival of Light and Twilight Shrine Japanese Resource Packs

    I want to say the MUSIC in these packs is awesome. At the full price of 9.99 , I was a bit on the fence, but when I bought them on sale for $4.99 a piece, I was so pleasantly surprised. They also come with a nice selection of Japanese themed sound effects and music effects. There is enough music...
  6. Sauteed_Onion

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Hello, I'm new here. I really wanted to know if there was a place to buy RPGMAKER MV on actual physical discs? Or have we "progressed" so far as a video game society everything is now all online only? I live in a rural community and I do not have steady access to the interwebs in them thar...
  7. Chester

    Extending Enemy Battler Vertically

    Hey, I am in need of a script (or a way on how to do this). I don't exactly know how to put this into words but I have provided images. Some of the images are created with an image program except Halp2.png My Enemy battler is huge and I have to crop it otherwise the game will not show the...
  8. Chester

    IS this battler appropriate for teenagers ?

    Hey guys, Please give your opinions... PS I am creating a dark themed game Thank You :3
  9. Chester

    How to make items exclusive to 1 actor ?

    Hey, I want an Actor to be able to use 1 or more items that is exclusive for him/her... EXAMPLE Item: Apple Description: Can only be consumed by Johnny
  10. Chester

    Kread-Ex's Skill Fusion not working Fully

    Hey, Here is the link to the script page https://grimoirecastle.wordpress.com/2011/12/10/skill-fusion/ Here is the link to the actual script https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/52061415/Scripts/Skill_Fusion.rb As I mentioned in the title, this script does work but it only works like 50% of...
  11. Chester

    Multiple Battle Themes?

    Hello everyone :3 How do you guys feel about RPG games having Multiple Battle Themes ? Lets just say for example..if FF7 had a different battle theme every time you went to a new area, do you guys think that would be a good idea ? :3
  12. Chester

    Needing Combination Attack Script

    Hey, Long story short does anyone know a script that allows one character to use combination attacks with another character ? I need this for commercial purposes by the way. EXAMPLE: Character 1 casts Fire Character 2 casts Fire II Creates Firestorm Thanks Meow !
  13. Chester

    I want the Standard Screens for 544x416 Window

    Hey, So I copied the scripts from Luna Engine Base into my game and I see that the Game Window is not the standard 544x416 Window. I already made it so that it is the original 544x416 but the issue is that all the Menu Screens are not 544x416 (they are going off the screen). I know how to make...
  14. Chester

    I Only want to have the Save and Menu Scripts.

    Hello, I will get straight to the point :) I only want the Scripts that are dealing with the Menu Screens and the Save Screens. I don't want the Battle Scripts because I want to use a different Battle Script and also everything else that is not dealing with the Menu and Save Screens. I do not...
  15. Chester

    How to change Game Icon

    Hello Meow, How do you change the game icon ? I don't want it to be a red dragon head. Thanks!
  16. Chester

    How to make a character follow without him/her joining the party?

    Hello, How would I make a character (more like a pet) follow my main character without the "follower" actually joining the party ? I need it for commercial purposes. Thanks meow!
  17. Jericho Swain

    How to turn off Random Encounters?

    How do I turn off Random Encounters? Is there a script because I cant seem to find it :(
  18. Jericho Swain

    How to Change Animation with a Skill ?

    How Do I change an animation using a skill? What I want to do is that I want my battler to use a skill that changes the regular Attack Animation. Lets say My batter uses [Fire Weapon] (adds Fire attribute to regular Attack) When I choose to Attack an enemy I want the regular attack animation...
  19. Jericho Swain

    My Computer Crashed and Well...

    Well I was working on VX Ace and then my computer suddenly crashed with the blue screen coming up saying Your computer has an unexpected error and after I was able to start my computer back up again. I can't open my VX file anymore. It says Unexpected File Format. Is there any hope left or have...
  20. Jericho Swain

    Parallax Background Help

    Please take a look at my screen shot. The Parallax background doesn't go quite well with what I have in the editor and the actual game. Please tell me how to fix this. Thank You!

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