1. SolonWise

    RMMV House Wars, a simple and depth "arena game".

    Morning, my friends. Like many other makers around here, I have a lot of ideas for games, but due to lack o time, I cant even try to give life to this ideas. Fortunately, I think I came up with a game idea that do not demand a lot of time to make. I'm thinking in calling this game “House Wars”...
  2. Matseb2611

    Renegade Grounds: Episode 1

    Buy links: Features: Not your typical fantasy setting. Medieval look and non-human races, but more with a modern day dynamic – gangs, crime-infested slums, city councils instead of kings in castles, and science instead of magic. Strategic turn-based battle system which includes skills with...
  3. Instantiating Actors from Template (that can be deleted)

    In games like Pokemon, Megami Tensei, Dragon Quest, SaGa, Final Fantasy, etc., battle actors are created from an unchanging, precreated template. So although your Black Mage can level up, there are stats for a template Black Mage- the "Parent"- within the game, and as many unique clones or...
  4. JinKuze

    Developing a guild?

    Okay, so I've been thinking recently about making a project revolving around the player developing their own guild along with recruiting guild members. Either way, let's say you start and the player decides, "I should make a guild! The greatest guild ever!" (I know, so good.) So you create...
  5. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Mercenaries

    Name: Simple Mercenaries Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2015-11-27   What does it do? Allows player to recruit mercenaries that last for X battles or until they die.   Screenshots: Nothing to really show here.   How to use? Give Mercenary...
  6. Mr. Trivel

    Simple Mercenaries

    What does it do? Adds functionality of simple mercenaries. Using a script call player can hire mercenaries which stay until death or until a certain number of victories.   Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Simple Mercenaries Created: 2015-05-08 Version: 1.0   Screenshots: No.   Script: <Link...

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