1. thekingohearts

    Battle Event, activate when doing no damage

    The idea is: this you are fighting 2 slimes guarding and not doing damage allows the slimes to give text speeches. How do I do that? When I try to do a conditional branch that activates if  my character guards the event does NOT activate. Scripts I'm  using in this order...
  2. Tigersong

    Fighting for life

    It's time for round two on the healing game (I'm calling it "Mercy" for now). This time I'm also asking for opinions. How do I tell Ace that victory is achieved when an enemy is cured? And what should constitute "cured"- HP restored to 100% or a state removed? (This could run into scripts...)
  3. Solo

    Don't know where else to post this, sorry; about Japanese RM2K

    If I download the Japanese trial version of RM2K from the Japanese Enterbrain website, will it run on my English-language Windows 7? And can I even download it in the first place? *hides*

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