1. Nilom

    Merging Autotiles Issue [solved]

    Hello! I merged the A tilesets Outside_A2 and Inside_A2 together. I didn't change the size or anything. I just swapped some of the autotiles with the autotiles of the other set. But now I have a problem with the counter tilesets. When I change them to counter in the tileset database (diamond)...
  2. kawaiidesuchan

    NPC and Actor text merging?

    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if anyone else has ever experienced this issue, and I've tried my best to fix it (which included a lot of Google searches) to no avail. I'm in the process of creating my first game, a little experiment of mine to learn the mechanics, and I've come across some trouble...
  3. Midnight Kitty

    Merging two icon sets

    I would like to request some help in merging two tilesets together. I would be very grateful of any assistance thanks. Also so i commission someone to draw some sprites of asian characters. I would like them also to possibly have a damaged state.
  4. Script Conversions: Sky's Decoration System and IEX Map Merge

    Bump. ^_^

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