message box position

  1. Choice Message Box

    Hey I am using yanfly core for my game and I change the game the screen width into 1136, then in message core I change the default width into 816. The problem is the choice width. When I leave it alone, it will look like the 1st image. When I change the width into 840 in rpg_windows.js, it's...
  2. Amarok

    changing message window X position?

    Hello there, im trying to change this with no luck so far. After scouting the internet i saw people used yanfly ExtMesPack1 plugin to change this with the \msgposx[x] text command. This however doesnt seem to do anything for me. I also tried moving the text itself to the right but then i...
  3. GuanyuMaker

    Message over head plugins compatibility with Zoom plugins.

    Hello Everyone! Its a well known issue where functions that shows messages over an event like Galv's Message Style "pop" funciton or yanfly's message core extension 1 "msgevent" function dont work well with zoom plugin's such as SRD's camera core or MBS - Maps Zoom. Thats because the message...
  4. Donutdude

    Minor Issue with Modern Algebra's Message Options

    Hi everyone! I'm having a small problem with Modern Algebra's Message Options script. I'm attempting to use the Message Size and Position option of having the message box appear over the event. I have fit_window_to_message set as true. And I use the the message commands: \et[x] in order to...

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