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  1. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Is it possible to create a Fake Pop-up Message?

    I'm wondering is it possible (with a script/plugin) to make a pop-up/error message that you can click "OK" with the mouse, similar to some Creepypasta/horror games out there. I don't know how to code at all for JavaScript or anything for that matter, so some pointers would be much appreciated...
  2. HikariHason

    custom text box

    I wanted to draw my own text box, like pokemon with its unique border. I have been told to use galvs message background, but im not sure if im doing it correctly (im saving the script as a js file, putting it on the plugin folder but its not really working)
  3. theartofme

    Ink Integration

    About This plugin integrates Ink with RPG Maker MZ/MV. This allows you to write all your dialogue in Ink and display it using a simple plugin command, which for me at least is much easier than managing message box events! Features Run Ink scripts starting from arbitrary knots/stitches Start...
  4. Phoenixsylph

    Posting "Show Picture" Pictures/Above Messages? Above "Show text"

    Is there a way to do this? I've been fiddling with [I honestly am not sure if this would be a plugin request, or just a general question, so I apologize if this is the wrong place.] I've tried Galvs Button plugin/ and Yanflys Picture common events, to get an idea, these are buttons I am trying...
  5. CG-Tespy

    CGT Nametag-Based Font Changer

    Nametag-Based Font Changer By CG-Tespy Introduction This plugin allows you to have message boxes' fonts change based on the nametags being displayed. You know how the dialogue of Sans and Papyrus from Undertale, is rendered in the fonts that are their namesakes? You can pull off the same effect...
  6. cuby

    Message boxes which scroll up the screen for a conversation

    Many dialogue-heavy games have messages, or message boxes, that scroll up the screen as new message boxes appear. The benefit of this is that a player can easily read what the previous few messages were, to follow the conversation better. I haven't been able to find an existing plugin that might...
  7. Yoraee

    Preview Message Box Position

    Hey everyone, its been a while since I posted a question here! I'm using Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1 plugin to manually position my message boxes using the \msgposy[x] and \msgposy[y] commands. My game is designed so that there is no fixed location for message boxes but they appears...
  8. Almightypebble

    Choices window shrinks if text box has appeared?

    Heyyy again everyone, So when I show choices at the start of my event, if I use all 6 choices they show up on the screen together, without needing to scroll down or up to see the cut off choices. BUT If I show text before the choices, then the choice window seems to resize itself even if the...
  9. Call operating system window during game play

    Hey guys, i'm here again! sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian and i searched a lot for this but I can not find, weel, is it possible to call an operating system window through rpg maker XP, like in Oneshot? do have any script / plugin? I'm so lost. (hope i have done in the right place now)
  10. JohnDarcos

    Hide textbox

    Hello, Here I'm, asking again. I'm looking for some kind of plugin that will let players hide text box when a message is displayed by ... For example ... Pressing shift. Then unhide it by pressing shift again. Looks like I'm too stupid to find it using google ... Thanks in advance for your help.
  11. Write more word in the choice box text

    Hello everybody! This is my first post and i am pretty new to Rpg maker. I was looking for a plugin that could allowed me to have longer message in the choice box text. I tryed the one from and it is already cool but the problem is that each line is a choice so when you scroll down...
  12. Shrink dim box?

    Im using yanfly message core, i change the box width to 1000 for my game, but the dim box is also change, can I just change the window box and not the dim one?
  13. FeliPereira97

    How to vary word according to a switch?

    In my game, I have multiple treatment options besides man/woman. As an alternative to creating multiple "If switch X is on" before each message, I'd like to choose the one specific word (maybe added to a dictionary of something like that) according to the player's option. In portuguese, the...
  14. Editing the UI

    I haven't been able to find much on editing the UI except in the case of replacing the menu/dialogue boxes with images, which is great. But I have a few other ideas. 1. Is it possible to change the font of any given text in the game? 2. is it possible to keep the menu/message boxes as they...
  15. ZirconStorms

    VX Ace/RGSS3 - Detecting amounts of text rows

    I'd like to work on a script that automatically adjusts the amount of message rows (Window_Message) shown to fit the message on-screen; something that'd be similar to scripts like this: Would there be a good (or any) way to go about detecting the amount of...
  16. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    message box issues

    I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been having issues with my message box. Sometimes when I load the game from new game it works grand, all four lines of the meassage box show. Other times however there's only three lines showing, and sometimes the message box doesn't appear at all. There's...
  17. Honeydrop

    How to make specific textboxes for characters.

    Hi, I'm really new to the world of VNM and making VNs in general. I just got VNM while it was on sale, and I've also tried another builder but I'm having a heck of a time doing something specific and maybe kind of advanced? I have 4 main girls. Each girl has a specific colour. I want each...
  18. What are your thoughts about dialogue designs?

    Hello, everybody! I would like to know your thoughts about something very important regarding our games with RPG Maker: Dialogue system design! What I've seen so far: 1) Text box + those square faces on the left side. (standard-like) 2) Busts/Portraits + text box. (well-known. No need for...
  19. How to change the message text size ingame???

    How do I change the text size of the message box ingame? I'd like to be able to play the game and change the text size ingame I tried to insert a variable to the message settings / size but won't work...
  20. [vxace] message box help

    Hi! I'm currently testing out RPG Maker VX Ace and MV, both as trials. I've managed to make my dialogue box in MV look the way I want it to using various plugins: I'm trying to see if I can make the same effect using Ace. The first step I've taken is to change the windowskin, but I'm having...

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