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  1. Branhernan

    Yanfly Message Core Issue

    Hello, I'm currently having an issue where all my show text commands are being displayed at once rather than in separate windows, I also have different names entered in each text command and as far as I know that should enforce the window change regardless. I'm new to this plugin, and looking...
  2. Driftwood Gaming

    YEP_PluginCmdSwVar V1.00 Compat Issue?

    I've isolated a bug related with three of Yanbro's plugins: YEP_MessageCore(v1.19), YEP_PluginCmdSwVar(1.00) and YEP_GabWindow(v1.06) ((All currently most up to date as of posting this)). The issue occurs when you try to show an item icon that's using a variable to assign it's index. I.E...
  3. Drunken Paladin

    YEP Message Core Issues

    Hi, I've been using the Yanfly Message Core plugin for a year or so now, but I've periodically noticed issues where entire lines or paragraphs of text will simply not appear in the game while word-wrap is enabled. It never happens while word-wrap is off. I'm on RMMV version 1.5.2 and using...
  4. ashikai

    YEP_MessageCore Altering Namebox Font Properties

    Hooookay so I've been screwing around with Yanfly's Message core trying to style my nameboxes the way I'd like and I've hit a brick wall. Hoping someone can at least shed some insight as to why this isn't working, or if this is working as intended and I need a whole 'nother script to augment...
  5. RicoRob

    (Yanfly) How to put the Name Box behind the Message Window?

    Plugin: Yanfly's Message Core I've changed the position of the Name Box and now it is in front of the Message Window, but I wanted it to be the opposite... Any help is appreciated.
  6. Random Panda

    Yanfly MessageCore Name Box alteration help.

    Hi All, I've been tinkering with this all day, but what I am trying to do is keep the Name box to the left but have the text inside be centered in the window. I've gotten close. The text is currently acting centered but it is moved a little too the right in the message window and I can't quite...
  7. Galv Message busts and YEP Message core MV

    Whenever i use the Yep tag \autoevent[0] It works properly however the command messes with Galv message busts position and i end up with something like this: Any help to fix this problem would be appreiciated
  8. Issue with Yanfly's awesome "Message Core" plugin

    Hey all. I'm really digging Yanfly's Message Core plugin. Being able to skip dialogue is great, but when there are events based on timing where messages are concluded by the game instead of by the player, with the Message Core plugin, you can skip these. That means you're prematurely ending the...

    How to change the text box background color in yanfly message core?

    How does one change the message box background color so it is light blue or light pink instead of the default  off/white color? I can't seem to find any information on what the actual command is to make such a change.  I want to change the text box background to be the color shown in that...
  10. Phonantiphon

    Yanfly's Message System Name Box Help

    Link to script: Hi, I'm using the above script, and it's great BUT, I am trying to make the name box transparent, now there is this setting in the script: NAME_WINDOW_OPACITY  = 255     # Opacity of the name...

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