message script

  1. Tayruu

    Taylor's Simple Message System 2000

    Taylor's Simple Message System 2000 Version 1.3a Introduction When I first switched back to RPG Maker XP after becoming fed up with RMVXAce, I ran into a problem with message scripts. Specifically I felt they were all overly-complicated when I wanted to be able to make edits to them myself...
  2. Aryam777

    Game Message and Choice dynamic text code Tutorial

    Messages and Choices via Scripts and Dynamic Text Codes It has been very difficult to find an answer for this, as well as to find a cohesive explanation of choice scripting. Google searching and copy pasting always makes the console to dump an exception on you... While trying to overcome the...
  3. Raizen

    Lune Message System

    Lune Message System Introduction This script will change the message system to a more compact one, which will show the characters that are talking and other features. Features - cursor indicating the talker - automatic box height - automatic box lengh - toggles between old and...

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Making test maps is really illuminating when it comes to figuring out how the real maps should be. It's like the outline that one writes for the story before writing the actual story.
I am adamant about not having missable quests, which means having to write entirely new scenes at each plot progression that takes into account that time and events have passed since the quest could first be accepted while still having there be a quest to solve in the first place. It's worth every second.
Surprisingly useful and thought provoking
Working on animation. Trying to see if I can apply it meaningfully to my games!

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