1. Pokefan993

    Using Active Party Facesets During Events

    Hey! I'm working on a game with several playable characters (over seventy), and I want them to be able to interact in event cutscenes. The words themselves don't need to be customized, but I only want the ability to check and use the active party's facesets: For example: Actor 2: You hear...
  2. Multiple faces in one message box

    Hi all, I would like to have 2 of my actor faces appear in a message box as to have, for example, both characters laughing image at the same time. Someone know I how can do this ? I am using Yanfly message core plugin and extensions but I can't find anything there to fulfill my needs. Or maybe...
  3. Tixerp

    Help with font changing from Yanfly Ace Message system script? [SOLVED]

    So I'm having a problem with this Yanfly message script, where it changes my font, and I don't know how to keep both my old font and script at the same time. I tried looking through the script but I can't find anything to edit to fix it. This is how my old font looks like, and is supposed to...
  4. Lorenze

    Keep battle HUD on-screen while messages/dialogue display

    Hello all. Normally, when a message is displayed during battle, the remainder of the battle HUD disappears until it's gone. Due to the way my message system works, I would like to disable it and have the HUD stay on-screen while messages are up. Here's how my HUD is normally setup (I'm using...
  5. tale

    Battle Start Message

    dsBattleStartMessage - ver1.1.0 (2018/06/24) Creator name: Douraku Overview Allows you to change enemy encounter message at the start of battle. Features - No text window announcement from the start of battle. - Able to change "max line", "line space", "timing" with a parameter. - Added...
  6. Yep - message core: Actor 1 name wont display in the name box

    I recently stumbled into this rather bizarre situation where I cant get the game to display the name of Actor 1 in a separate name box. Instead its displayed inside the text box as part of the text. This seems to happen only when I use the "\N[1]" command, the name is displayed correctly but in...
  7. Zoomko

    Is there any way to show different messages based on active actor?

    Hey everyone! Is there any way (plugin/script call/etc) to show different message based on your active party member. For example, you have a villager and he says Hi, then your active actor is X, but he will say Bye if your active character Y.
  8. Automated Message

    Friends i have implemented a day/night system and i want a message to pop up at a certain time each night to tell the player to take a rest and sleep. Is it possible to setup an automated message to express that the player needs to sleep ?
  9. casper667

    CGMV Message System

    CGMV Message System By: Casper Gaming (Casper667) Last Update: 5/15/2018 Latest Version: 1.1 Introduction This plugin adds some of the more common features desired of a message system, such as name boxes and displaying the icons of items, weapons, and armor. More features planned to be added...
  10. tale

    Non-View Battle Message

    Non-View Battle Message - 2015/12/02 (ver. 1.1) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Controls which message that shouldn't display on battles. By leaving them blank, specified message won't be shown. ●Supported message list * Emerge * Preemptive * Surprise * Escape Start * Escape...
  11. PyroToaster

    Button Input On Battle Skill Message!

    Hey game devs! So I've hit a bit of a snag with my game. To paint a picture first; Remember how in Pokemon you use an attack and it reads you the skill message of "Golbat used bite" and then you press A to continue onward instead of having it do it automatically? Thats what I want to do. In my...
  12. Skytor

    Battle commentary missing

    You know the commentary that is usually in game as you battle, the one that says things like "playerName attacks" or "PlayerName is silenced" when using a skill or being effected with a state, well it seems to be missing in my battles. I made sure to check there were things in the message box...
  13. Text align

    Hello, I got question in text align in message window. How can I center the text to the middle of the message window. (not the whole message window in the center of the screen.) Thank you.
  14. tale


    UTA_MessageSkip - 2016.02.17 (Version: 1.00) Creator name: T.Akatsuki Overview It's possible to skip texts by pressing a specific key. Features - Skip texts can be set with any key from Input.keyMapper (reference: rpg_core.js) - Show Trace [true|false] set whether to issue a trace for...
  15. Small problem with Yanfly's Message Core

    Hi, I ran into a small bug (or I'm just too dumb to fix it) with the message core. It does not apply my line height from the Core Engine correctly. What it does is, it just makes the window higher (so presumably the text would fit with a larger line height) but it doesn't actually apply the...
  16. SrOscuro

    Help on scripting conversations, waits after $gameMessage.add()

    Hi, I am currently working on a plugin, and i am facing some problems trying to understand how messages work in the javascript api. I am not a totally novice on javascript, but new on rpg maker mv :P My code is inside a plugin command: $gameMessage.add("Hi1"); How to script a wait for...
  17. Kraden96

    Removing Specific Parameters From Yanfly's Plugins.

    Hello fellow designers, coders, and general fans! Does anyone know how to remove the Max MP (or replace Max MP with Max TP) and luck from the menu and aftermath screen from yanfly's core scripts without leaving blank boxes? Our game intends on utilizing Tp as if it were mp for the way our...
  18. Yanfly message core help

    Hello, all! New to Yanfly and having issues setting it up. I've installed both core engine and message core. for some reason every time I have MC on the text is blank as in I can't see any text or a text box and the event will just play through. any advice or help to put me in the right...
  19. Raijinn

    A little help, please?

    Hey guys so I'm using a plugin for my message box, and it turned out great. But then like always, I encountered a problem. It's this: The problem is that the name and text doesn't seem to fit well, is there a plugin that lets you modify where's this where's that? I...
  20. Aien2323

    Disable attack window during battle?

    Okay so I have Mog Hunter's Action Name plugin, but during battle it basically shows what action I'm doing twice. How do I disable the default message (in red) from RMMV so it only shows the action name (in blue) enabled by Mog Hunter?

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