1. Aien2323

    Disable attack window during battle?

    Okay so I have Mog Hunter's Action Name plugin, but during battle it basically shows what action I'm doing twice. How do I disable the default message (in red) from RMMV so it only shows the action name (in blue) enabled by Mog Hunter?
  2. AdamSakuru

    DreamX Victory Aftermath (Galv Message Style bug) *Will pay for help*

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath: This plugin adds functionality to the Yanfly's victory aftermath. It lets you run common events on each aftermath page (exp, level, loot). Galv Message Styles...
  3. wariolandgoldpiramid

    Choices Positon: Snapping to the side of the message window

    I'm using Yanfly's Message Core and Message Ext Pack to create custom messages, appearing above an event. However, this is incompatible with the default Show Choices window. I would like a plugin that would allow me to make the Choices window appear to any side of the message window, snapping to...
  4. AlienX

    Battle Messages waiting for keypress

    Hey, guys! I wonder if someone has made (or could make) a plugin, that makes battle messages act like regular messages. Basically, I want to have more descriptive battle messages, but they go by pretty fast. Yanfly's BattleEngineCore allows you to change the speed of the messages, so I could...
  5. AdamSakuru

    DreamX Victory Aftermath (Galv Message Style bug) *Will pay for help*

    DreamX's Victory Aftermath: Galv Message Styles: DreamX hasn't been on in awhile and I ran into the same...
  6. tale

    Public Domain - 10 Pixel Fonts Pack

    Each font has it's own style. It might be suitable depending on the project's theme. The zip includes 10 bitmap (pixel) fonts (.ttf) that I picked out at pentacom. Also a .txt file called "permalinks" as reference of where the fonts originated from. Preview Download link-...
  7. Aryam777

    Game Message and Choice dynamic text code Tutorial

    Messages and Choices via Scripts and Dynamic Text Codes It has been very difficult to find an answer for this, as well as to find a cohesive explanation of choice scripting. Google searching and copy pasting always makes the console to dump an exception on you... While trying to overcome the...


    Hi, guys. I'm looking for a super-simple plugin that shows the window messages scrolling after pressing action button. If you have played Cave Story or Earthbound, you probably know what I mean.
  9. Sekunri

    Displaying message as a result of a function in battle

    I'll get straight to the point. Currently I have a plugin in development where you are able to summon new actors not in your party into battle, my SummonCore plugin. Anyways within the plugin I have a function that dismisses a summoned actor after x turns have passed. It is as a result...
  10. mogwai

    MV Message Spelling and Format Tester

    I'm disappointed in the recent MV spellcheck plugin I just made because it only works in browsers and not in the playtest window. So I figured if I need to be in a browser to spellcheck anyway, why not just do my message preview testing in a browser. (so I revived an old project) This is an...
  11. RyanBram

    VN Conversation Message System

    Hi. I saw in Steam a nice screenshot about RPG Maker MV Season Pass DLC2. It looks like Saba Khan's galge conversation script for VX Ace. The screenshot clearly shows two characters at the same time inside a conversation. I don't see any plugin like this in the forum, but if somebody...
  12. mogwai

    A fun little date to message script.

    I searched for this tutorial and I couldn't find it, so I'm posting it myself. This isn't really that advanced and it's not a plugin, but it's a fun thing for your game. I was reminded earlier last night that we aren't supposed to grave dig old threads anyway, so here is the same thing that's...
  13. jezebelthenun

    Stacking Messages Common Event

    When making a common event for skill learning messages, I'm finding that my messages are stacking.  Rather than showing one single message for the specific character and skill used at that moment, the messages cycle through every learned skill so far in order. Video I've added screen shots to...
  14. Caidran

    Full Screen Dialogue & Show Choices query

    Hello, I have a couple of questions regarding the show text and show choices windows and I'd like to know if what I would like to do is feasible. Is it possible for the text window to be full screen without scrolling? For example, rather than having a scrolling conversation a large window...
  15. styx92

    Yanflys word wrap formating problem

    Hey guys. I have a REAL problem. I changed my screen soultion with yanflys core plugin. But there apears a problem: Now i have soooo much more room in my message box. And it looks wierd. Also i activates yanflys wordwrap function in his message core plugin. And now this happens:  ...
  16. Reapergurl

    Circular or other shaped text/menu boxes?

    There aren't many games I've seen/played with message or menu boxes/bubbles that aren't square/rectangular, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it to where such a thing would be possible without cracking hardcoded anything (that's a messy job that's reeeeeeealllly HARD to clean up)...
  17. CallMeKerrigan

    Customize Choice box?

    Is it possible to customize the message box? By either making it a picture or erasing the background of the message box so I can get it to match various prompts?
  18. Cheah Hsun Teik

    how to use javascript

    i have learned many javascript tutorial,the tutorial only thought me about creating variable/array,manipulating variable/array(using operators and function/method,etc),loops (for loop,do while loop,etc),conditions(if....elseif...else,switch case,etc) and outputting messages. In all the...
  19. Jatopian

    Message Window Hide

    Message Window Hide by Jatopian Introduction This plugin lets the player toggle whether or not the message window is shown, by pressing a key. Features + Lets the player get a better look at your beautiful graphics in cutscenes. + Developer can configure what key is...
  20. Jatopian

    Message Window Hide

    I've written a plugin that allows the player to toggle whether or not the message window is shown, but I have a few concerns about it, as is. I've attempted to let the developer set a "key" for the command that works with a gamepad. However, I don't have a gamepad, so I'm unsure if gamepad...

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