1. MeowFace

    Fade in Short Text

    Made for a request here. This script make uses of the map name window and let you display short texts with it that fades in and out just like the map names. So you may use it to display achievements, chapters or any other short texts you like. Features: Short text that fades in and out...
  2. Yanfly Message Plugin Question

    Is it possible to have the item to be shown in \ii[x] be a variable?   example: \ii[x} x=variable#3 I am drying to to a random of 100 differnt items so it would save a lot of if statements, if it is possible. thank you.
  3. Nelderson

    N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events

    N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events By: Nelderson Introduction Want to make events on the map say something, but the message box crimps your style by pausing everything else going on?  Then NASTY Text Pop might be the answer for you! Features - Shows text over events, player, and followers on the...
  4. New message boxes

    Nothing particularly brilliant or world-changing here, but on the day that MV was released, I was experimenting with having the message box contain a non-scripted 'animated' character pic, as well as being able to change the background of the message box (in reality, just positioning a picture...
  5. Message and Faceset Problem

    hello I have a question in my RPG Maker MV project one of my characters can use three different classes , I give the user the chance to choose one, but as I use 1 faceset for each class, how am I going to do that all messages using the faceset correspondent to that class? :/
  6. saronpasu

    TTS(Text To Speech) Plugin

    TTS(Text To Speech) plugin. in game message "\T[hello]". browser speak "hello" on voice. this plugin support only browser. now on support language 'ja-JP' and 'en-US'. script download here
  7. NordicChicken

    Pop Message Script Request

    Is there a brave soul who would be willing enough to create a plugin similar to Yami's Pop Message script for RMVXA? I know it is still week 1 and someone will probably make it in the next few months, but this script is essential to me!
  8. Wrath-Of-The-Chicken

    Event triggering another event and message box help

    I apologize if this was already answered or even on the wrong topic haha. I'm new to this. But I have looked around and can't seem to find the answer to my problem. These are the two things I need help with right now: Event triggering another event Change the look of the message box Event...
  9. sutorumie

    Help with Choice Windows and Move Picture (RMVXA)

    How can I get the z-axis of the choice window (specifically, the blinking background part) behind an image? The image I need on top is pic 100, and the choice window bg (also an image) is at 98. So, I imagine setting the choice window to 99 would fix it, but all I can figure out to do is to edit...
  10. [Probably simple] A way to display the enemy's name in the battle victory message

    After every battle I want it to read: "You ended [insert enemy name here]'s life! And for what?" "200 Gold" "Broadsword" Is there something that will allow this built into VX Ace? Right now it lets me insert the protagonist's name but that's it.
  11. sutorumie

    Better Looking Text?

    I want the space/padding between lines of text to be much smaller. So instead of this: We get this: As a side note, can I fix the font so it looks closer to the second image (which was made in photoshop)? Because WOW it looks 100x better--it shrinks better, it's aliased better... (I don't...
  12. EN.I

    EN.I RPG Maker message tool

    Iorana everyone! I made a online tool that help's RPG Maker users build messages for games easily and faster. I will present you :) LINK: EN.I RPG Maker message tool. Features: Compatible with RPG Maker 2000/2003, XP, VX and VX Ace. Fast access to special message commands in a easy and...
  13. Party Dialogue?

    Hello, I'm still new to RPG Maker XV Ace (started months ago) and I am having a  bit of a problem trying to get something to work.  What I'm looking for is a way to have the party talking to each other while on the map, like the system in the Dragon Age Series. A example would be: Actor 1...
  14. Misty

    Yanfly Message System Help

    Hello everyone, I am having a issue with Yanfly Message system. Script I know this is for ace, but I have no idea what "Variable Operation" is. I know there are control variables in ace, but I have never seen "variable operation." Also is there any scripts required to make this script work...
  15. Seriel

    NPC Ramblings?

    So i've got an inn full of NPCs, and a town full of em too (It's a popular town), but i've got a slight problem, what do I make them say? This is an area thats a bit too creative for me, so has anyone got any tips on what to make these NPCs (And NPCs in general) say?
  16. Dream Syrup Games

    Issue of Galv's Message Backgrounds

    Hello, I have a problem. I'm using the Galv Message Backgrounds, Yanfly's Message system, and Galv's Message Busts, and the message backgrounds work fine for the first cutscene, but then after that, it reverts back to the default even if I have a script call on an NPC or object. The bust script...
  17. Pokemon Message Script font opacity problem [VX]

    Hi everyone, To avoid confusion, I'm going to fill in a few notable details before going on to my problem. A friend of mine has started up a RPG Horror Game based off on a Pokemon scary story, but it was quickly shut down due to the loss of motivation. Recently, he let me in on completing the...
  18. nio kasgami

    Rgss3 question : what is the use of fiber and Proc?

    Hi people I was working on my message system and I looked to the rtp message system...and I am not sure even if I check in the help file...what is the use of Fiber and Proc... I know in what I understand Fiber serve for wait the system until the conditions is met right?  but ..even if I readed...
  19. Raen Andaleio

    Displaying a message box as book

    Hi, I've been searching for a while, but didn't manage to find anything. It doesn't sound too complicated, but considering I know nothing about scripting in Ruby/RGSS3, I wouldn't really know. I'm looking for a script that allows me to display a message box looking like a book. What I'm...
  20. [ACE] Causing in-battle text from a process in the script editor?

    I have a process where HP damage can be split from the a victim to an ally using a spell, allowing for survivability. I want to relay the text " absorbed [value] points of damage!" So it would be "#{mem_name} absorbed #{split_val} points of damage!" (example: "Natalie absorbed 100 points of...

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