1. shiori4me

    [ACE] Make window graphics at full 255 opacity (like in VX)?

    I don't like how you've got the background part to windows but they're all transparent and don't show the full effect of designs. How might I change that? I tried making this adjustment class Window_Base < Window #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- #...
  2. DeyJay5

    Yami Pop Message won't work. Help.

    I'm trying to use Yami Pop message script (this) but it won't work. I've done everything your supposed to, I've installed the script and the basic module. This is what i've done in the text editor and what happens in the actual game. I don't understand why it won't work. How do I get the...
  3. nio kasgami

    Kyofu No Saku Engine - Message System

    kyofu no saku  Horror Puzzle engine - Message System V.0.3 -   introduction Is a special Dialogue system in my Secret Engine from Vx I never show to anyone...this engine was so hard coded and bad coded ! but now I transfert the system on Ace...but difference was big sometime between vx and ace...
  4. MasterLagger

    NPC's Move While Text is Displayed?

    I've noticed that when a text box is displayed in-game that the NPC's that wander around still move about. This isn't a big problem at the moment, but it could be later on when I start adding enemy NPC's. Say for example, you open a treasure chest and a 'You got...blahblahblah' text box pops up...
  5. Albaharu

    How to use bust instead of faces in conversations?

    Hello ! I was wondering how could I do something like this:  https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bdd_9byCEAAes9H.jpg:large I saw someone did a script for it : http://galvs-scripts.com/2012/12/01/message-busts/  but I dont know how to make it work :( I can play the demo that it shows how it work...
  6. Leah Prime

    Skils display different messages in the battlelog based on conditions.

    Hi! I have a skill in my game, that does different things based on how it is used (mainly, it drains MP of certain enemies, damages others) The logistics of making this skill can be done in the editor using the damage formula, HOWEVER the message displayed in the battle-log on skill usage is...
  7. Leah Prime

    Different message displayed on skill usage.

    Hi! How do i make a skill display a different message under conditions I have a skill that only drains the MP of a certain enemy, otherwise it does damage. So I want the message displayed on usage too say the MP was drained. My skill is a skill with the following formula. if b.enemy_id ==...
  8. ShinGamix

    Small text?

     \}\c[6]$clerk_image"\c[2]Shop Keeper\c[6]"\c[0]\{ this line was in a message in fro the demo revenant shop scene  and it had small "mini" text what part of the message makes small/mini text?
  9. TheBrogrammer

    Getting rid of a phrase in the battle log

    Hello, I'm wondering how to get rid of this message from the default VXACE battle system: "There was no effect on X!" (X being the name of the actor.) I get this message whenever I use a certain skill.  This skill is controlled by common events, and not by anything else in the battle tab of...
  10. Leah Prime

    Event applied states not displaying message

    Hi! I have a common event, which applies states too enemies. However, the message set too be displayed upon state application does not show. is there any way I can manually write too the battle log? Thanks!
  11. Koi

    Yanfly's Ace Message System script replaced my chosen font. Help?

    I just started using this script for very simple reasons. However, it changed the font I had chosen for the game. Anyone know how to change it back?
  12. Two message busts at once?

    Is there a script that'll allow me to show messages with two message busts at once? At the moment I'm using Galv's script for message busts and have been adding the second bust using 'Show Picture'. It's gotten kinda tedious! Wondering if there's a way around it.
  13. Question about Yanfly's Script

    I found this script I'd like to use where you can add a box for an actor name in message text box. http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-message-system/ My question is...Where do you put this script? Main? Material? Under material? Please answer, this is the first time for...
  14. Raizen

    Lune Message System

    Lune Message System Introduction This script will change the message system to a more compact one, which will show the characters that are talking and other features. Features - cursor indicating the talker - automatic box height - automatic box lengh - toggles between old and...
  15. Helladen

    Skip Battle Messages

    Introduction This is a simple script that allows the developer to disable the escape/death messages from battle. This is very simple to do, but many people are not very good at scripts, and I have found that this is highly annoying. Additionally, no script I have found offers this support, so...
  16. mobychan

    MSS Text SE

    Text SE - V1.0 Last Update: 2012.07.23 Updates: N/A Script Description: This Script plays a SE you define in the module at the top every x letters. These settings can be made in a module: SE File Name Pitch Range Volume Interval(x) List of methods: Compatible Scripts: Should...
  17. Unable to find Language Resource DLL

    I am having problems with my RPG maker VX Ace. It used to work just fine. But now everytime I try to open the program it gives me this message. "Unable to find the language resource DLL" Any help would be apreciated.

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