1. Lilkxdude4101

    RMMZ Help with Message formatting (VisuStella)

    I'm currently using VisuStella's Message Core plugin and while it helps out a lot there's one problem I can't seem to fix. In my project I'll have the characters chat with a computer every once and a while. For the most part, the schtick is that they talk in brief sentences, and every one is on...
  2. Mercedes90

    RMMV The Ignored Problem with Yanfly's MessageCore.js Plugin...

    First off, I paid 10$ to get some new interesting plugins from Yanfly on and some of them didn't work at all, and I can't even contact him. I've especially wanted the newer version of the MessageCore, yet it had the same problem as the old free version. Anyhow, here's what it says in...
  3. Tippiexd

    There is a specific plugin I want for Message Sound by Yanfly - I can't find how to download

    Here's the link of what I want: It doesn't have an option to download it alone, so I bought the pack as per the only available download link (within those two pictures). I'm aware on how to use plugins, I've been using Message...
  4. NierFan98

    Need help with YanFly Message Core plugin

    Hey guys. I've got a little question regarding yanfly's messagecore plugin. In the game I'm making, I'm making all the textboxes dim when typing dialogue. However, when I use the function \n<x> the box doesn't appear dim like the rest of the textbox. Any ideas how I could fix this? Thanks in...

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