1. Tsukihime

    Managing your text and dealing with "cut-off"

    I have all my dialogue set up. And then I go playtest it... And some of them are cut off! This has happened almost everytime I'm writing a line that's longer than a few words: having to figure out where I want the cut to appear considering message faces, control codes, fonts, and other...
  2. Tsukihime

    Message Face Control

    This script provides a message code that allows you to change the face that will be displayed in the message box. This allows you to display different faces in the middle of a message. The message code is customizable so you can choose what code you want to use in case of conflicts with other...
  3. ShinGamix

    How to move messages to new created folders??

    I created a new folder for commissions and can't figure out how to move those messages into those folders?
  4. CursedEmbrace

    A Problem with Messages in Battle

    Hello everyone, today I bring you a problem I've been having. In the game I am currently working on I want to have bosses (and anything else I choose I guess) that you fight have special barks and such when they are about to do, or when they do specific attacks. All that is easy enough, but I'd...
  5. Battle Element Messages

    I'm designing an RPG with Pokémon elements, and one thing I'm focusing on is messages for elements along with sound effects too. 200% and higher - Super Effective 100% - Normal Effective 50% and lower - Not Very Effective If you have a compatible working script that will do this, present...
  6. TheGreenHorse

    No notifications for other people

    From some time, other people are not receiving notifications from my personal messenger. When i send them a message, they would end up saying that they didn't recieve the notification for it. This is really frustrating. I hope someone could help, please. I use my messenger normally.
  7. vociferocity

    automatic border around faces

    Hi guys :) So I'd like a simple border around the character's faces that are displayed in battle/in messages, but also I don't want to spend a billion hours in photoshop. I found this script that adds borders to icons, and tried changing it, but had zero luck. Does anyone think they could whip...
  8. EFizzle

    Clicky-clacky bleep-bloops in my messages!

    We all know that some games make use of sound effects to make it seem like a typewriter is typing out the words on the screen, or that the animal in animal crossing is actually speaking to you, or you just plain hear a beep after you hit enter to move onto the next thing that boring NPC has to...
  9. ggfg

    Question: Battle massages and such.

    I have a problem with the RPGmaker. My RPGmaker is in japanese and it doesn't bother me much, exept for the fact that the battle messages are japanese. For example, instead of "Nathan has fainted(losed, died, whatever)" it's goes like "Nathan ポテトチップ". I thought I'll just search the scripts...
  10. Tsukihime

    Convert Code: Eval

    This script adds a new convert code to your project called "eval". You can use this to evaluate arbitrary formulas inside your show text commands. Get it at Hime Works! Note that this script is no different from assigning a value to a variable and then using the \v convert code, except you...
  11. Enelvon

    External Text v3.3.4 (Write your game in an organized manner! Translate with ease!)

      Introduction This script allows you to display text (as the Show Text event command) that is stored in external files. It will automatically wrap the text and divide it into as many messages as necessary, saving you the trouble of worrying about it yourself. The external files are extremely...

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