1.  Masked 

    RMMZ Plugin metadata generator from YAML

    Hey \o Introduction So, I've been working on a tool for generating plugin metadata/annotations from a YAML file. It's a simple script that gets a path to a plugin metadata file as input (can be YAML or JSON, but I think we can all agree YAML is clearly superior) and spits out a comment header...
  2. Llareian

    Meta as variable, and related JS questions

    Hi guys. This will be my first post to Learning Javascript. I think this goes here and not in Maker Specific/RM MV because I'm asking about things dealing with the underlying code and using script calls. Please let me know if I have it in the wrong place! My question(s) deal with attempting to...
  3. Damaris

    Audio Looping using Metadata tags.

    Ever wonder how the default RPG maker music loops? It's pretty simple, but in spite of looking I have never seen anyone explain it on the forums. RMMV (And AFAIK most other makers) are designed to read STARTLOOP and LOOPLENGTH tags in an audio files metadata. I'll be using a small piece of open...
  4. Metadata

    Hello there! Could anyone share a project where metadata's useful? It confused me. I've found the explanation, but it doesn't make a sense. Click
  5. Mellye

    Metadata (via "Notes" field on Database)

    The help file from RPG Maker MV tells us about a very useful feature, the ability to use the "Notes" field from the Database to setup custom metadata for any object: I've been trying to make use of this, but to no success. For example, I added a <foo:bar> to a Enemy "Note". I have said enemy...

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