1. shinichi999

    Plugin to record voice?

    Hello everyone! I'm developing a videogame with RPG Maker MV to learn and practice foreign languages (Spanish for English speakers and English for Spanish speakers), where the player takes the role of a college student. In order to do this, I designed my own university along with my teachers...
  2. saronpasu

    NoiseMater "Sazanami"

    About This Sazanami is Japanese さざなみ( 漣 ). it mean quiet sea wave. This plugin is NoiseMater. Detects the sound around a device. Output to game variables the volume level or decibels. Usage Controll of plugin-command, and plugin-params. output return to game-variables...

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The Dark Toon art style is now available as Steam branches. (Both for the main game and the demo)
There are 2 versions. One only affects combat, cutscene, and portraits. The other one changes more.
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