1. Killer_Van

    4 Armor Pieces

    Do you know the 4 armor piecies of minecraft? is it possible to change the 2 (head, body) armor pieces that are in Rpg Maker into 4 (head, body, pants, shoes)? How can i change the equips array like that (0=weapon, 1=shield, 2=head, 3=body, 4=pants, 5=shoes, 6=accessory)? And also in the game...
  2. Vis_Mage

    Interest in a Community Minecraft Server?

    Hey! A couple weeks ago, Minecraft released its biggest update in a long while, the 1.13 Aquatic Update, breathing a lot of life into the game, at least for me. It really rekindled my love for the game. And so, I was curious if there was any interest in a community server, where we could all...
  3. Tonko

    What Minecraft Features do you love most?

    As you may know, in the beautiful world of Minecraft, everything can be done. From playing online with friends on huge minigame servers, to surviving a toy appocalypse (also with friends if you want). This game has been so popular that it got huge multiplayer servers, custom software (Such as...
  4. Aurabolt

    Aurabolt's Stream! (Love User-Created Games! Want more suggestions!)

    Hi there. My name is Aurabolt. I have a lovely stream over at . While I play many different games-Stardew Valley, some roguelites-I am a major fan-and always have been-of newly-created games by a community. I first got into streaming by playing RM2k games for Gaming World and RMN, but have also...
  5. Jammer691

    Real time "in the field" building mechanic for MV

    Good Morning everyone, I am working on a project, and I would love to implement a "real time, in the field building mechanic" into the game. For instance, the player can acquire a bunch of fence panels, lets say, and be able to place them on the map, and have them act as a barrier you...
  6. omnikeith

    looking for a Minecraft like crafting grid and inventory system

    I am looking for a menu or item activated crafting system that uses a grid to place items in to craft them like minecrafts 3x3 crafting grid. it needs to be at lease 3x3 and it would be nice to have a storage system and inventory also grid based with icons and names. I have looked everywhere for...
  7. shadow7396

    Minecraft-Like Script

    Hey has anyone ever made a minecraft type script? I'm making a game called WorldStruct and its kinda like minecraft, Terraria and Cube Life! Or if anyone knows of separate scripts that take care of the features in those games, id be happy with that too. I just need the following scripts: I...
  8. vico

    A JSON system for multi and diagonal char

    Hi again people!   First things first: sorry if i'm abusing of JS plugin requests; I'm have little programming knowledge (it isn't my area), and know almost zero in JavaScript, so i think the best thing i would do is throwing some random requests in form of ideas to people wanting to code but...
  9. GreaperGames

    Just Survive

    An Arcade Island Survival game! Come play it now! Stranded in a deserted Island?Don't know what to do?Well don't just stand there!Do something! Start Scurrying for resources!Collect everything you need before your HP starts going down! Watch out when the dark comes!Monsters are...
  10. Keniisu

    Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community

     Minecraft | RMW Edition! A Casual Let's Play Series with the Community  Would you want to do a video on Minecraft with me?    Well I've set up a server that I'm going to be playing with people on. I'm looking for someone who can do the following... ​Skype Chat Play Minecraft Make Commentary...
  11. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    What do you do besides RPG Maker?

    What do you do besides RPG Maker, I mean nobody's life JUST does RPG Maker (well maybe some... ;) But what do you do? I play the Sims, Minecraft, do some art (drawing and fashion designing) here and there, edit videos, write stories. Do stuff on Steam, I go outside and play with "my" cat as...
  12. _Shadow_

    [Minecraft] Microsoft Bought Mojang. Your thoughts and feelings?

    First off, let me mention that this thread has no intention to create drama or flaming. So let's keep this conversation in a good and polite level. Everyone has his/her own likes and dislikes, thus many opinions might differ. What I ask, is everyone to respect everyone else's opinion. This...
  13. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie


    Yay! A new Minecraft version came out! 1.8 Here are the things in it! Are you happy that it came out? What are you most happy about it coming out? Did you like the other Versions better? (Don't worry, you can still play them :)   + Added Granite, Andesite, and Diorite stone blocks, with...
  14. QuotingMinecraft

    Minecraft texture set

    My first project for RPG Maker VX Ace has been to make a minecraft texture set. I am currently working on implementing all major blocks and will make the textures available for download once complete. So far I have added about 60 blocks with more coming soon. Simple demo: Note: All textures...
  15. LittleMissRaven

    Free Minecraft Creeper

    So first time I have tried to make a sprite and came up with this as a result. If you have any use for it, you welcome to use it. I'm currently making a game with it for a request from my brother.
  16. batch

    VX Ace graphics to Minecraft texture pack...can I do it?

    Before I begin, sorry if this is the wrong forum entirely for this kind of question. Since last night, I've been creating a Minecraft-compatible texture pack from RPG Maker VX graphics (icons, tiles, characters etc). The problem is, I've been wondering just how legal it would be to upload it...
  17. LionHeart48


    What gained my interest Minecraft, was Bluexephos, there just such funny guys and i almost watch all their videos.

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