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  1. tale

    shunroid - Dice Game Event

    With permission from shunroid, I'm sharing minigame tutorial in English here. I thought I'd come up with this event where some middle-aged dude challenges people randomly all around town to a duel of dices, so here it is. || Stuff I want to do with the dice duel There's this middle aged dude...
  2. Black Pagan

    Need Suggestions - A Game with only Normal Attacks

    So I am working on a Mini Game which is barely 20 Mins of Gameplay. Its just meant to be something like a Proof of Concept for my Upcoming Game based on similar Concept so I don't want to spend too much effort or time on making Complicated mechanics or even skills for it so I have implemented...
  3. MoiMoiisbadatthis

    Rhythm or button mashing minigame help...

    So I want to make a mini-game where the player has to fight another character but not in a battle. though I'm not sure how to do this, most of the things I've found were either Vx or were in battle minigames, I'm still not sure if I would prefer a rhythm minigame or a button-mashing one so if...
  4. Black Pagan

    How many Floors do you prefer for a D&D Styled Tower Climb - Mini Game ?

    Just want to know your opinion :blink:
  5. magic_forest_sprite

    Creating custom Battle system and mini games with the in program Event editor

    Instead of plugins i make custom battle systems and mini games with the event editor that makes regular events. I just have the battle system be a common event and when the player touches a monster the common event for my battle system runs. There are variables for monster and player life...
  6. Black Pagan

    RMMV Need Ideas - For slowing down Game Progression

    Hi, I'm working on a Mini Game which is only meant to be played for like 15 ~ 20 Minutes. It takes place in a Forest setting. The main theme of the game is "Adventure / Crafting / Combat". I don't like Puzzle solving aspect in maps so i don't want to restrict movement between maps or create...
  7. How would I create a mid battle minigame system script?

    If the title seems a bit weird, take it at face value. I'm trying to learn how to create a script that'll allow me to spring a minigame during battle. Why? So that I can have unique situations like "if you tap Z over the moving target enough times, the enemy will take more damage". I've heard...
  8. LawrenceindaSky

    Mini-Game Idea?

    So I may sound a little crazy or nuts for thinking of this as a Idea but, is it possible to make a GamePlay style of the game Catherine where you can pull and push blocks to climb? I’d say it is possible but very complex. I just thought of the idea and i’d figure trying to see if i can achieve this.
  9. Using eventing to make combinations?

    So, I'm trying to make a little mini-game about making coffee where you pick the size, the type of coffee, and the type of cream. There are 3 types of each of these choices and a total of 27 combinations. How could I make that work through only eventing? I was trying to do it by making every...
  10. Darniela

    RMMV Mini-games for my BA thesis?

    Hello there, I've always wanted to make an RPG game, so I got this "brilliant idea" to combine my passion for gaming with my BA thesis in linguistics (I am particularly interested in language acquisition). For my BA thesis I would like to make a fairly simple and short game that exploits the...
  11. Mooshry

    Go Fish Minigame (Still Unfulfilled)

    So, one of my games has Go Fish as a plot point. I need a minigame that acts like it. Before making the plugin, please familiarize yourself with the rules of Go Fish, OK? Thanks in advance!
  12. B34RxJ3W

    FREE Porta Party! || Wario Ware Style || Legion Media || Open Recruitment, All Positions!

    Engine : RPG Maker MV Who I'm Recruiting : I'm looking for developers, programmers, mappers, story writers, promoters, & beta testers. My Role : Writing, developing, mapping, eventing, advertising, payment collection & distribution, project management & hosting. Skill Trade ...
  13. 573Games

    RMVXA Flag Simulator (4-minute mini-game)

    SYNOPSIS Flag Simulator is a very short (~4 minutes) game about life, death, thinking, the first amendment, and coffee creamer. You are a level 10 executive-type who makes several decisions each day, including who to hire, who to fire, whether to buy the good coffee creamer or the cheap stuff...
  14. Mr.Chris

    Anyone familiar with Galv fishing mod?

    I am looking for someone who can make a couple changes to the 'Galv fishing' plugin. I would want "Line", "Hook" and "Reel" to be added just like how rod and bait are currently. the 'line" would act like the rod does, where too much stress and the line breaks. the hook would determine if a fish...
  15. DoctorArtist

    VXACE - GALV's Invader Mini Game Modification for HUD Image

    Hey there, needed a short little modification to GALV's Invader Minigame script. Basically, I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to add an extra image between the backdrop image and the score/health/power-up section. Basically, so I can put an image between those two layers to act...
  16. mardin

    Good minigames for MV

    I'm having a hard time finding good minigames for RPG Maker MV. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but it was so easy to find minigames for vx ace. Minigames that could be a huge part of the game like Triple Triad, or just add to variety like the minigames from Sixth. I am constantly...
  17. Henrietta

    [RMMV] Mini game Triple Triad , FF8

    Hello everyone, So, i know that a lot of people want have a TT plugin and me too :) I develop this plugin inspired by the original Raizen's script VX ACE that i used. Table of content: I] Objects - Card - ID - Image - value [top,right,left,bottom] - rang [bronze,silver,gold,diamond,legendary]...
  18. CallMeKerrigan

    RMMV The Funeral

    The Funeral Warning: This game h as flashing sprites and off-screen violence. Brief scene with obscene language. Story The Funeral is a short mystery about the main character, Kata, finishing up her search for 10 roses in a mysterious garden. Kata has been searching for the flowers for an...
  19. luiscesjr

    Simple Sequence Mini Game

    HI everyone!  I would like to ask for a mini game, where the player have to touch a sequence of symbols to pass it. Something like, you give the player 5 clickables icons, and the sequence you need it to be pressed with mouse click, touch action (So it can be used on mobile aswell). There...
  20. Anomaly

    Breakout Clone -Mini Game-

    Created by Kazama. Coming very soon as a community script for RPG Maker VX Ace. INTRODUCTION Originally designed as a full game for the engine back in January. But after a couple of suggestions from forum members, I've decided to port it as a single script for everyone to create their...

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