1. How would I create a mid battle minigame system script?

    If the title seems a bit weird, take it at face value. I'm trying to learn how to create a script that'll allow me to spring a minigame during battle. Why? So that I can have unique situations like "if you tap Z over the moving target enough times, the enemy will take more damage". I've heard...
  2. Creating a Multiple Choice Image Mini-game (Video Example Below)

    Heya internet! So, for a certain part of my game, there is a quiz minigame (like that of below) that I may need help creating. I just need help finding/making a plug-in showing how to have images be selectable (similar to that of the "Show Choices" command, except with a picture, and letting a...
  3. JayIsrael

    Trying to figure out how to recreate the Bioshock hacking puzzle / mini game

    So - I am about 99 percent certain that this can be done with event switches and a timer, but I am having trouble getting the game to do what I want it to. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Basically - when the first pipe is lit up, the second pipe needs to both be in the right...
  4. RafaelSoares

    RMXP Elétrica Simulator - A Obstacle Race

    ELÉTRICA - Simulator By R.S. Since i finish this simple minigame, part of another game, i decided to publish it here. It might has some bugs that i could not fix yet, i hope you enjoy, though. I hope everything works well. Att
  5. Sharq

    RMMV Aether (working title) Battle Mini-game Mechanic Demo

    Aether(working title) Game Objective When someone plays this game, I want them to primarily enjoy the combat system. My combat system is like a mixture of OSU and Legend of Dragoon. I have plans to make it very fun and exciting, as well as rewarding and difficult. The game will also feature a...
  6. A bunch of tutorials

    Hey i made a bunch of video tutorials for the RPG Maker MV and wanted to share them. I literally earn nothing from it and do it for fun and to help people so I hope it's ok the way I did now. Topic: - Define borders with coordinates Brief Description: - Use variables and coordinates to define...
  7. mylafter

    Snake Mini Game Screen WxH

    So I am using this script for a mini-game(snake): (You can find the script in the OP. There is also an available demo.) Problem is that my game's Width and Height is 640x480. When the mini game is active, it still runs...
  8. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Puyo Puyo or Tetris Minigame in VX Ace?

    I would love to have like a Tetris or Puyo Puyo mini game in my game. I want to know if there's a script to do something like that with. I know a Puyo Puyo one would be hard to make due to the games more complicated nature. But I think someone could totally do a Tetris one. I really would just...
  9. "Minigames" in the overworld

    Hey guys, I was trying to do some new things in RPG Maker MV, and I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm trying to add more interesting interactions for the player to experience in the overworld, but I'm still pretty new and was wondering if you guys had some advice. My first idea...
  10. Mooshry

    Go Fish Minigame (Still Unfulfilled)

    So, one of my games has Go Fish as a plot point. I need a minigame that acts like it. Before making the plugin, please familiarize yourself with the rules of Go Fish, OK? Thanks in advance!
  11. alphawiz

    Looking for a Deck of Cards Plugin for writing mini games

    Does anyone have, or has anyone written a plugin that allows you to use a deck of cards to create a minigame inside RPG Maker MV? I'm specifically looking for a 54 card deck (regular 52 cards plus 2 Jokers/Wild Cards) If anybody has anything like this, or a plugin that could be easily...
  12. mjshi

    Progressive Prize Pick

    back at it with another card-based minigame... Progressive Prize Pick v1.0 by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! A card picking minigame where you balance risk with reward. Commissioned by the wonderful tale of these very forums. Features - Match at least two of a...
  13. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    !!! STV_MonsterCards v.0.61 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Update: Description: This will add a simple Card Collector Game to your Project. - Create/Add your own Cards! - Create your own Booster Packs! - Cards split into 3 different Series! - Each Card has unique stats like ATK, HP, DEF. -...
  14. mardin

    Good minigames for MV

    I'm having a hard time finding good minigames for RPG Maker MV. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but it was so easy to find minigames for vx ace. Minigames that could be a huge part of the game like Triple Triad, or just add to variety like the minigames from Sixth. I am constantly...
  15. mjshi

    Match Card Lottery

    Match Card Lottery v1.01a by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! A scratch-card-lottery-type minigame for your projects. Play and win epic prizes! Generously donated to the community by the wonderful tale of these very forums. Features - Match...
  16. Rikifive

    Chain Reaction [BETA 1.3]

    CHAIN REACTION BETA 1.3 VERSION   <<< INTRODUCTION >>> Explode near other blocks to break them into particles, that can break other blocks creating a chain reaction! The longer the chain will be, the higher the score multiplier. Get as much points as you can and share your scores with...
  17. ClockworksGod

    Animated Crafting Minigame Help

    So I'd like to create an animated crafting system that encourages the player to experiment with different materials in order to find new ways to craft things. The thing is, I want this to be very visually natural and tactile, not something done through menus. The idea I had was for a potion...
  18. Mr. Trivel

    Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking

    Name: Pickboard Version: 1.1 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-02-16   What does it do? Allows players to pick rewards from a board of tiles and costs some currency - be it gold or items.   Video:   Features: Setting up multiple different sized...
  19. Davõr Jörmling

    Piano Mini-game?

    So my game has this section in it with a piano. What I want to do is make it so when the piano is activated the player has piano keys that appear on the screen (or some other buttons). By clicking on them, or tapping (important as this will also be an app), they play sounds like a piano; but if...
  20. Minigame help (map reset, exp recognition)

    I'm trying to make a minigame set, using spinoffs of age-old popular games like hide-and-seek, vine climber, space invaders, and (most importantly for this question) pacman. You start off with only one available minigame, the rest must be unlocked by earning gold in the game. Game 1 is free...

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