1. RMMV Summer Solstice (Mini game based RPG Demo)

    Hi, so I finished the demo for my current project Summer Solstice about guess what? The Summer Solstice. During last years festival Summer (the main character) 's best friend Spencer got attacked by a demon and now he is possessed and trying to stop you the player from completing the rituals...
  2. Calico_Bee

    So I'm trying to make a cafe minigame...

    So I'm trying to create a simple café mini game I'm only using branches, switches, and variables. No plugins. You get to be a waiter and you give customers the food they want within a certain amount of time or else they get impatient and leave. The only problem is that It's kinda difficult to...
  3. yamakoku

    Danganronpa Minigame Plugin / Tutorial

    I'm looking to make a Danganronpa game using RPG Maker MV. If it doesn't work out in MV, I could also make it in VX Ace, since i have both. I'm looking for a plugin or tutorial that could help me in any way shape or form to help me with the minigames in the class trial. Although i would prefer...
  4. Canini

    RMVXA Grenickle Park [minigame compilation][No travel game jam]

    This is my submission for the no travel game jam. It is also a showcase of all the minigames I have created for my various game projects. This game contains every minigame from: The Alex and Adva I've heard norse demos...
  5. Attack Minigames

    Hello. In my game, every single thing is named after a musical term, weather it be HP, Status Effects or Character names. Anyways, To use an attack, you have to use a certain Weapon, For example, a Guitar or a Lyre to use Strum. Would it be Possible to make it so you can have a Minigame whenever...
  6. GGZiron

    Tetris Mini Game V1.3.1

    Tetris Mini Game Author: GGZiron Get the script: From GitHub Purpose: Add Tetris as Mini Game in your RPG Maker VX ACE game, or simply have fun playing a Tetris on sample project. Version: 1.3.1 How easy is to install: Compatibility: How to use: Features: Screen Shot...
  7. Cachi01

    RM2k/3 Log.[in]

    Take control of Amari, a girl in possession of a strange device that allows her to explore a world known as the "Enhanced Reality". A world where every corner of the human mind takes shape. What is the true purpose of this world? The main goal is to collect all the 12 "Effects" in the "Enhanced...
  8. FoxySeta

    VNMaker 【Chapter 1】A Priori

    【Recruitment thread】 The length of the story itself won't be excessive, but it will contain elements of deep substance, such as depression and interpersonal relationship (see Setting and Character). Gameplay Finally, the gameplay: each minigame is a simple mathematical game inherent to the...
  9. GamesOfShadows

    RMMV Only One Trash Game |#| A game for the "One Map Game Challenge"

    :kaojoy: Only One Trash Game :kaolivid: (It's really a bad trash game!) ☠ The reason why you shouldn't play it: ☠ 1. It's a short Trash-Game. 2. It has a bad Story. 3. It was created by a stupid guy. ★ What is special about this game? ★ The COMPLETE game ONLY runs on one event, one...
  10. FoxySeta

    FREE 【VNM】【Recruitment Thread】A Priori

    【Official thread】 ⚠I tagged users who applied for a role. ⚠I chosed to be very detailed here, but it is way less work than it seems! ⚠You can also apply for one of this position if you want to share work! If you would like to apply/have any questions/have any feedback: PM me or comment...
  11. Skunk

    MV Mini Games List

    Here is a list of some Mini Games I have come across. If you have more, show me! Spinning wheel of prizes: (by Galv) $ Fishing Game: (by Galv) $ Invader Mini Game: (by Galv)...
  12. mardin

    Good minigames for MV

    I'm having a hard time finding good minigames for RPG Maker MV. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place, but it was so easy to find minigames for vx ace. Minigames that could be a huge part of the game like Triple Triad, or just add to variety like the minigames from Sixth. I am constantly...
  13. mardin

    Your game needs more than just Battles!

    Hey Guys, I need your help! I am working on a game which focuses less on battles and more on other things like puzzles and minigames. But since I need a lot of different puzzles and minigames I would love to hear what you guys use to add variety to your game or what you really enjoyed in rpg...
  14. GoodSelf

    Making traversing the world less...boring.

    So, I'm trying to avoid making "empty" maps - for example, in the forest level, you can pick up unique herbs and then craft them into salves you need to help the withered plants grow, or your in a mining town, which means you can break the rocks scattered around the map to make some quick gold...
  15. TheGamedawg

    What makes minigames fun for you?

    I've been think of putting some minigames in my game, but I want to make sure I do it right.  However this got me thinking, what exactly makes a minigame in an RPG fun for you people?  What is it about certain minigames in RPGs that make us pull out the game every now and then specifically to...
  16. Minigame help (map reset, exp recognition)

    I'm trying to make a minigame set, using spinoffs of age-old popular games like hide-and-seek, vine climber, space invaders, and (most importantly for this question) pacman. You start off with only one available minigame, the rest must be unlocked by earning gold in the game. Game 1 is free...
  17. wrigty12

    Casino Games

    In my game, there will be a casino of sorts. I was looking to see if there are scripts (or even ways to do things through eventing) that add minigames like Poker, Roulette, etc. Anyone know of any?
  18. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Phantasma Ludus: Chicken Games 4.00

    Overview In a land far far away, there is an unlimited supply of chickens. No matter how many chickens the people cook for food, they never seem to end. So the people thought, "why not utilize these chickens more?". And so they decided to use the chickens for different games where people around...
  19. FCU777

    Fishing Mini-Game script issue

    Hello, I'm trying to put the fishing mini-game by Galv, but it keeps throwing errors. I tried doing this by creating a event, which gives the players the option to play the minigame, but it keeps throwing errors upon errors, even when I tried to make amends. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  20. The Infamous Bon Bon

    Direction Based Line of Sight Events

    Introduction I made this mostly for touch encounter games to help add a little personality to the touch encounters. I also think that this can be utilized for puzzles and stealth missions in games. This tutorial was made with the default scripts. There may be incompatibility with some scripts...

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