1. A-kun

    RMMV Edit request to UnproPro's Minimap + FoW plugin

    Plugin used: Transitioning to a minimap plugin since my current method produces serious lag [lots of parallel events that track the location of lots of other events, basically]. While it works brilliantly, I have one qualm with it: I want to get rid of the little actor sprite that shows above...
  2. DaedraTalos

    Need a minimap plugin, but can't find a working one? Well, I found one for you!

    TheUnproPro's minimap plugin old version WORKS, EVEN WITH OTHER PLUGINS!! So, I was searching around the web for a good minimap plugin, or any working minimap plugin at all, actually! However, any minimap plugin out there seemed to have some bugs D: So I searched around for TheUnproPro's...
  3. JustAColdKid

    Map size question about a youtube tutorial made by Echo607!

    Hello RPG Makers! I currently am stuck on the tutorial where you make your own in game map made by Echo607. I followed the tutorial correctly up until she has you resize your mini map by x2 the size of your in game map. Therefore: The mini map size she scaled from was x2. That is double the...
  4. RoadKillCandy

    Looking for a Minimap plug in

    I have gone through 4 or so plug-ins today each has had a game braking error happen to me, I'm looking for a different plug-in from these or a way to fix it. I also don't want to use a plug-in(s) that have me save images of the map, because one that will make the game larger and two that will...
  5. Edsephiroth

    Help with Napoleon's Minimap

    I'm trying to use Napoleon's Minimap in my game along with Mog_Monogatari. I've read Napoleon's topic from top to bottom and I could see that it hides minimap when default menu is called, but it doesn't work on Moghunters's Monogatari script. I think it happens because Monogatari has a different...
  6. TheUnproPro

    Minimap Plugin

    Hi there! This is my first (Technically second since I re-wrote the older code), plugin for RPG Maker MV. I've been working a lot on it and have improved it since its original release, thus I give you this Minimap Plugin. I will say this for people who make plugins, you might not wanna read my...
  7. Fantasy Hero

    Map and Minimap

    Hi Guys!!! I was wondering about making a map option in the menu of my game, showing the area's map... :unsure:   :unsure:   :unsure: I don't really need a minimap, But I would appreciate it if I could have a minimap, too!!! :)   :)   :) Any ideas or scripts????
  8. Iavra

    Iavra Minimap

    Description Creates a minimap based on either supplied pictures or generated from terrain tags. Author Iavra Parameters @param Switch @desc Optional switch, that needs to be set to ON for the map to be active. @default @param Notetag @desc Notetag used to mark maps, events and...
  9. SilverDash

    Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Advanced Minimap v. 1.41 Author: Squirting Elephant More Screenshots: Features: Instructions (more info can be found in the help section of the plugin): Script & Downloads: Download v1.41 Required Script (Core Script) Download Master Demo (HIGHLY recommended for new users!)...
  10. SilverDash

    Silvers Minimap

    Plugin reached v1.00. From now on follow this topic instead: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/51307-silvers-advanced-minimap/
  11. mr_ringtales_workshop

    Button toggle mini map

    I need a very simple mini map, nothing super flashy. But it at least needs to show the map and track the player. I also want it to be able to be toggled between three modes just by pressing a button. 1. OFF 2. Mini mode (shows up at the corner of the screen for easy reference) 3. Large Mode...
  12. A Mini Map and Map Access from Menu?

    Hello again, I searched through the Master Script List, but I couldn't really find anything on it, so I was wondering if anyone knew about a script or just a way to do this with events or anything... Basically, what I'd really love is: -For a mini map to show in one of the corners (or partly...
  13. Napoleon

    Napoleon's Minimap

    Napoleon's Minimap V1.2d Napoleon My scripts are no longer updated/maintained. Introduction A minimap class that scales automatically according to it's size and which is only displayed when the scene is a map. It also has a 'scroll-mode' and works with huge maps. Features Has an optional...

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