1. Driftwood Gaming

    Mining System Video Tutorial - Learning Together Submission

    Hello everyone, this is a tutorial from January 2016 but to this day is one of my favorites of the hundreds of tutorials that I've made. It shows how to use a side view battle system to make a mining system with a few plugins from Yanfly and some art from Aekashics. Mining System Video...
  2. YvetteJene

    Harvesting/Gathering System Without Multiple Variables

    Gathering System with No Variables Hello, everyone! After MV came out, I had been on the lookout for gathering and crafting systems and plugins for this specific editor. I came across this thread on Mining, Smelting, & Synthesis by Syndicate (which was super helpful,) and used it as a...
  3. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV: Mining, Smelting & Synthesis

    MINING, SMELTING & SYNTHESIS OF ITEMS Would you like to roam around and mine nodes around your world? Perhaps then you'd like to smelt that ore into bars, and then create some legendary weapons and items? This is a method in which you can do all of the above! No plugin or javascript needed...
  4. phoenix_rossy

    Simple Mining System

    I've reaped so much assistance and support from this forum. But I'm no artist; I don't have any tilesets or anything to give you. So I thought I'd help out the newbies a little. I mean, we all have to start somewhere, right? So I knocked together a simple mining system last night for my game...

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