1. Frolick

    Need help making a maze game like Theseus and the Minotaur.

    I simply can't find a solution to this. The monster (the Minotaur) will take two steps, but he doesn't stop. I want him to move ONLY after the player takes two steps. And in return, the Minotaur also takes two steps while APPROACHING the player. If anyone has an answer on how I should go about...
  2. Tonyedi

    My attempt to improve. Ocrs-Goblin-Minotaur-Centaur Base Character Sheets

    Hello I'm Tony I created several base sheets using the textures here on the forums. I try to improve my skills with graphics. I created a pair of orcs. And I'm trying to rebuild other races, like Centaur, Lamia, Darves and more. I want to improve and I hope you enjoy my work Everything I do is...
  3. Michael Caiola

    Stone and magma minotaur (updated)

    Resource Type: Face, walk, battler Maker Format: MV Art Style: Standard RMMV style Description: UPDATE: With help from Chalkdust and Bernard693 and resources from RavenBlackbird, I've put together the base character. See: What I need now is a version of these where the character's...

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