1. Brellelasouls

    Alchemy Table

    I was in need of an alchemy table for my game and after making it thought others might be in the same situation but lack the software to go ahead and make their own. This isn't much, just in-game resources edited together to look like an alchemy table so credit is not needed and feel free to do...
  2. DuranJP83

    DuranJP's free resource

    Hey all,  Free for any use. no credit required but please do not re-post anything without linking back to this post. Hoping to add to the not so common creatures list so Enjoy =)
  3. Mooshry

    About Portal Worlds

    AAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh. Sorry for my freakout, but.... there is a new game called...... Portal Worlds. It is an EXACT clone of Growtopia. It may end up taking over Growtopia. Growtopians will move to that game. We must stop it. Someone..... start a petition to cancel Portal Worlds. There is still...
  4. Lunarflame

    Food and other items

    This is my very first time making a topic so I hope I'm placing this in the right section. Everything I place here, I've made for a game I'm trying to create but let's face it. Life gets in the way and the time you wish to spend on game making gets spent doing other things. I make pixel pictures...
  5. NTakamura

    What is your biggest forum(the amount of pages) you have ever made?

    What is your biggest forum you have eve made? Counting the amount of pages. For me it is 4 pages. The forum topic was "What game got you into RPG Games?" Tell me how many pages and the  forum topic.
  6. NTakamura

    The stranges thing your pet has done.

    I just wanted to start a random forum. My dog Bella, always hangs out in my brother and mine studio, spare room with our computer, but today she has obsessed with laying under my bed. Nothing wrong with her. I checked her out, she played with her toys but as soon as we start working she goes...
  7. NTakamura

    Whats the most Creative way you have use Music in RPG Maker

    I have always wondered different ways you could use music in games. Have any of you or someone else you know, ever used music as a type of game mechanic in any RPG maker? Or unique approach to music where the music changes with with the area/setting? Or any other way music was used in a unique...
  8. Holy87

    Support module for scripters

    Universal Module v1.2.6, by Holy87 Features Provides more functionalities for scripters (and it is used in a lot of my scripts), let's see what you can do: System communication You can obtain the screen resolution, Pictures/My Documents/Music/Video/Desktop folders, Windows user account name...
  9. Holy87

    Title logo

      Title Logo v1.2 Introduction This script allows you to show a presentation before the title screen with a lot of customizable options. Features You can add unlimited text, pictures and videos Play title music Automatically jump if playing in test mode Transition effects + sounds Jump to...
  10. Holy87

    Generic Map Bars

    Hi everyone, I'm Holy87, an italian developer that uses RPG Maker since 2000. In those years I've made a lot of scripts useful to many features, and ultimately I decided to translate them in english to be used for international scripters. At this time I have translated only a few number of my...
  11. Keniisu

    Octanis: The Legendary Thief [Recruitment]

    What is Octanis: The Legendary Thief? https://youtu.be/SsO7plnDE94 Octanis is a game about a boy named Dutch. He was born into the legacy of his parents, Kast and Delpha, two master thieves who later founded "The School of Higher Arts". As he grew up he became more and more better at the art...
  12. FenixFyreX

    Fenix's Resources

    Fenix's Resources FenixFyreX Hi guys; here is a compilation of the resources I've made over the past few years; none are that great, but none of them are that bad either, so I figure'd I'd share them for those who do like them :) Big thanks to Grandma Deb, she provided links for some (read...
  13. nio kasgami

    Quest icon character

    Hellow people I would like to request something special in pixel ;w;!  this this images will appear on the tops of the head of npc who have quest but this is to much big for be on the character tops head :( so I would like if people can do 3 image in pixel  for fit at on the npc top...
  14. Silent Darkness

    Something the Abyss spat out(Silent_Darkness's random resource thread)

    Greetings, RPGM Web. Quite literally, on a whim, I decided to attempt a quick edit of one of the rtp actors. It actually turned out well enough that I think it deserves sharing. I took Actor 1-6, and removed her headband. Not much, I know, but, not bad for someone who's never really been good...
  15. Kazuki

    The reworked plot for a reimaging of my first comic book

    I decided i would rework the plot of my first graphic novel "The Osana Empire: The Rebellion": http://takamurart.deviantart.com/gallery/30802088 Here's the plot summary for the new one The Osana Empire seeks the power of Osana’s Tears. This valuable resource has revolutionized the world of...
  16. RKDV

    Adding movement to Victor's battlesystem

    Firstly, my apologies if this question is in the wrong area; I did a search and related matters seemed to appear in this area. Like many here, I've taken on the endevour of creating an rpg. Where I seem to run into issue is how I'd like my battle system to work; the ideal vs. reality so to...
  17. Kazuki

    Story Critique

    I was wondering if anyone would critique the idea of this story before I finalize it. Be mindful these are notes that i wrote so that is why they don't from a paragraph Synposis •5000 years before the story an Embeing and Human fought •This was the first time the two races made contact with...
  18. Hororo

    Icon request

    does anyone here knows an icon similar to this one: the mega medicine, dragon incense etc. so i was hoping if someone can resize this icons: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/24/a12categoryicon.png/ to make it similar to that one (for colors don't change it unless the colors become...
  19. Hororo

    velvet rope

    i would like to request a tile graphic of a velvet rope: preferrably like that one ;) a gold bar with a red rope :) i hope you can help me ;)
  20. Ksi

    Liberty's Edits~ (Update: November)

    NOTE: Categories are sorted chronologically. Newest stuff is shown at the top. Newest:   PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE ON OTHER SITES UNLESS YOU ASK AND RECIEVE MY PERMISSION FIRST. I DON'T APPRECIATE CHECKING OUT A RESOURCE SITE AND FINDING MY STUFF ON THERE.                        ...

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