missing features

  1. Demure_Hero

    Tutorials & Included Plugins are missing

    To whom it may concern: I downloaded RPG Maker MZ a few days ago. I am looking foward to learning how to use it. I am already down to 18 days on the trial. Sadly, the Tutorials and included plugins are all missing from the download? Or maybe they are just not showing when I open the program? I...
  2. Dungeonmind

    Console stops working and wont come back [RMMZ]

    Hello. I was writing a new plugin in MZ yesterday and the console just stopped working. I have re-installed the program, started a new project ect. No more console, instead it just closes the game. Hope this helps with bug reporting and all that. I am using the latest update for Mac OS as well...
  3. Missing features that I want in RPG Maker VX - how do I get them for free?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to make a game today. However I have noticed that there are some missing features that I want in RPG Maker VX, and I have paid for it so I'm not sure if I should regret getting it or not. I haven't used the program in a while and I want to give it another shot. So, I...
  4. Backporting Ruby features into RGSS?

    While reading up on the ruby specs, I discovered a lot of really powerful language features have been added into ruby (now v 2.1.5) since version 1.9.3 (The version RGSS was based off) RGSS scripters are really missing out, so I wanted to document all the features NOT included in RGSS, that we...

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