1. The Mighty Palm


    So basically to give you the down low, I woke up on the day before the end of IGMC 2018 and made this little turd in roughly... 12 hours? Which meant I threw it out into the world as fast as I could, without bothering to test if that "if the timer reaches zero you get a game over" mechanic...
  2. Kage

    What are the biggest mistakes begginers do?

    Hey Everyone. So I'm just starting my journey with RMMV but I don't want to set myself up for failure from the get go. I'm wondering what are the most common mistakes that beginners do? How should I prepare myself? What is the most annoying thing you find in a amature rpg game? What are the big...
  3. Wasserteufel

    My first game - Any tips and tricks? =)

    Hi, folks! I am working on my first RPG now and red a few of your tips and concerns in other threads. But due to its closure I want to open a new one. Can you give me some feedback or tips what to avoid and what to do in my first RPG? What to do, what to avoid and other tips for making better...
  4. (Ace) Need help with a script

    Hey there, I worked the whole day on a cooking script and I need someone who is more experienced then me to overlook it if there are any mistakes. It may be helpful to know that this is my first script and that I made it with the help of a video (It was sometimes hard to see what was going on...

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I'm so amazed at this ABS plugin for MV. This is a plugin that can literally fulfill my biggest game dreams, creating an Ultima VII-like game. Below is a video of a quick scenario I created to test out the plugin. The music in the video is my own composition.

The MZ Steam discussion board is filled with so much whining. Glad I never have to go there, or to any Steam discussion board. Anyway, here's something awesome:
I've been meaning to create a better trailer for my game but it takes time, so for now all I got is the same old trailer with updated footage:

I spoke with hudell and many programmer about the Window_BattleLog class and we all just agreed to pretend this class just doesn't exists lol

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