1. Final_zero

    Riku's overdrive.

    So in my game I have a scientist and I want her to have the mix skill. So that I can use elements mix them together and volla a powerfull elemental attack. Does anyone know of anyway to acomplish this, One way I have seen this done is riku's overdrive from final fantasy X. You open the...
  2. Cheah Hsun Teik

    can i use multiple engine plugin in a project?

    Can I use different engine plugin(yanfly,Luna,victor,etc) in one project? What sequence do I need to install the plugin in the plugin list or it can be installed anywhere in the plugin list?(only yanfly plugin teach you where to put each plugin in the list,the others don't)
  3. Plugin Notetags (VEngine Mix Actions Help)

    I'm having trouble deciphering how to properly use this although others seem to have no trouble as I have found no detailed tutorial as to where to put these notetags. I'm trying to incorporate Victor Engine's Mix Action plug-in to my game but can't figure out where to put these notetags as I'm...

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