1. Disable Highlight Sv Actor when their turn.

    Please help me. Im already searching a week but i got nothing. I ve problem when the turn each actor always step forward and i wanna to disable it. But i dont want to using yanfly plugin cause that's not support with my current scripts. Thx before and please help me
  2. mlogan

    mlogan's MV stuff

    Here is my collection of sprites and tile edits, largely modern stuff as I feel there is just not enough of it. Terms of Use & Credit: Credit: Kadokawa, mlogan Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free Repost: link to this topic Edits: allowed Repost of Edits: yes...
  3. mlogan

    mlogan's photography

    Last spring I got a fancy pants DSLR camera. I've long been interested in learning photography and finally decided it was time. Sadly, I've had hardly any time to really get to know my camera, but I'm trying. I had it out tonight taking some snapshots of our Christmas tree. I liked how some of...

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