1. DragonChaosOnline

    RMMV MMORPG Prototype

    Hi there I am working on a prototype for a mmorpg. I aim for a classic old school kind of mmorpg. This is just prototype. But it has a little guide quest, some kill quests, a few bosses, gear that drops from enemys and bosses, you can buy a mount, save for a global house, you can buy a...
  2. ShyGirlSarah

    Any FFXIV players?

    I love FFXIV and I love meeting other players. My main is on Aether - Midgardsomr and I'm still progressing through Shadowbringers. I love this game so much and I love talking/gushing about it!
  3. nightlight

    [RMMV] Realtime MMO Integration

    Name: Realtime MMO Integration Author: Nightlight Description: Adds realtime multiplayer functionality to RPG Maker MV, allowing for an "mmo-like" experience. Features (In Development): Realtime multiplayer using Socket.io Battles are handled in the same scene/map (not a separate battling...
  4. whitespirits

    RMVXA Wing Of Misadventure MMORPG

    We are opening and English Server for Beta soon! WEBSITE - http://wingofmisadventure.4tabern.com/en FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/wingofmisadventureenglish/ VOTE FOR US ON STEAM! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899615216&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 Hello! I...
  5. Fumetsujo

    Multiplayer and MMO Server (quasi real-time)

    Hi peeps, I've worked on a way to make Rpgmaker MV work in multiplayer. This with built-in chat & seeing other players.  You are allowed to do with it whatever you want, but if it's a commercial project do mention my name "Fumetsujo" please.  Info:  Fumetsujo multiplayer/MMO Server...
  6. ProperDave

    Messing around with some multiplayer ideas

    Hi all, I have been playing around with web-based multiplayer gaming for years. Now that RPG Maker MV is javascript based I have attempted to blend an RPG Maker project with some of my javascript/php multiplayer back-end code to create a Proof of Concept allowing for 'shared environment' play...
  7. MadCorvo

    MMO Engine for RPG Maker MV made with socket.io

    Hello guys! I'm here to announce that im developing a free and open MMO plugin for rpg maker MV. I'm a nodejs developer with backend javascript knowledge but little to no knowledge of the RPG Maker MV plugin architecture. So far, I've been able to make the game comunicate to a server and send...
  8. Davõr Jörmling

    Anyone Playing Guild Wars 2?

    I started playing gw2 a couple weeks ago, loved it, picked up HoT and have been helping build up my guild (The Myrgard) ever since.
  9. brooksjack

    2 Pokemon related new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer

    2 Pokemon alike new games - indie - browser based - totally free to play - multiplayer Ok first one is called as Monster MMORPG it has more than 1900 monsters : yes you heard it right - 1900 monsters to play capture battle etc the game url is : http://www.monstermmorpg.com check out its...
  10. DarkAnimeStudio

    [XP]Setting Up A Server (Help Needed)

    Hello my team (DAS) and I are currently hard at work developing our MMO known as Incorporated using RMX-OS on Rpg Maker XP. Now I myself have set up personal servers countless times using both RMX-OS (RMXP) & Telam Ludus (RMVX). How ever this is not our current problem. Instead of having the...
  11. DarkAnimeStudio

    [Recruitment] Incorporated Online Development

        Have you ever looked up at a giant billboard in the middle of Times Square, fully back lit which illuminates it’s surroundings and what that company is about and wants to sell to you? No one starts at the top, but every company has a beginning. From the most well known in retail to the...
  12. RPG MAKER MMO! (mmorpg maker)

    Hi! we know rpgmaker vx ace is best and most fun and advanced tool at the moment for making rpg games. but who likes to play an offline game at 2014?! our biggest dream is getting mmorpg maker vx ace!! there are lot of mmorpg makers on the net but all are fails... i belive the only one who...
  13. Morpheus

    MMO Menu Style Script Needed

    Hello! I am simply wondering if anyone can make an interactive menu where you click on the icons and depending on which is clicked depends on which menu is opened. Actually, EXACTLY like the bottom menu bar at the bottom of this picture. All I need it to do is open their respective menus. Any...
  14. ProMMOPlayer

    Monster MMORPG - Are you guys playing ? My quick intro - Pokemon alike game

    Hello everyone. I would like to make a quick introduction to one of my favorite games. This game is called as Monster MMORPG (http://www.monstermmorpg.com/) and it is totally free to play. All in game items and other stuff can be obtained without paying a single penny. It is browser based and...
  15. makorn645

    Is there an online Script?

    Is there an online system script that lets you do such as : Register/Login,Trade items,PVP,Minigames,Guild,Leaderboards,Messaging?
  16. Making an MMO?

    Ok...  So, I am new here and I figured this was as good a place as any to put this question... Is it possible to use RPG Maker VX Ace to make a MMO?  A buddy of mine and I want to design a MMO and it looks like RPG Maker is the software we want to use. I didn't see anything about this listed...
  17. Galenmereth

    Final Fantasy XIV Beta Key giveaway

    Hey all good folk! I'm sitting on a Final Fantasy XIV beta key that I won't be using, so I thought I'd give it to someone who wants to play the game. Just drop a short message in the thread if you're interested; after 24 hours I'll collect the names in a list and pick one randomly, giving...
  18. WizzyT

    World of Warcraft

    Recently started playing again, I'm very much a Lore fan and honestly Cataclysm is the peak of Lore for me (Dragon Lore). MoP is just obscure to me, Pandarians got a mention in WC3 I think but thats about.

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