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  1. RMMV How to keep double touch but change not to open menu?

    Hi, I'm working on my browser version of the game, and I'm using the MOG HUNTER ABS system and ALOE_VirtualButtons. I found on the forum the script for disabling double touch: TouchInput.isCancelled = function() { return; return this._cancelled; }; , and it works nice, but when I click the...
  2. nintendowii111

    Multitouch Control.

    I’m sure this has been talked about before but have never seen a plugin capable of doing this. Right now I’m using aloeguvners mobile dir pad plugin. It simply has a d pad to the left and a,b keys to the right of the screen. Sadly you can’t use the d pad while also trying to perform an action...
  3. Eliaquim


    [/SPOILER] You can find the original Help File opening this file and check the Japanese version(jp). The plugin parameters are translated into English by RyamBram. Please give credit to him. Original Plugin by NAK...
  4. Eliaquim

    MBS_MobileDirPad - Third Button added! But help me with image =/.

    Hello people! I'm up all night trying to do this ... I am using this plugin and it has the DirPad and two more buttons (OK and CANCEL). Until then, I edited the code and was able to add the third button, including putting new functionality to it. And it's working. However, I have a problem...
  5. Aloe Guvner

    Virtual Buttons and DPad

    Virtual Buttons and DPad by Aloe Guvner Download Link Note: This plugin is not under active maintenance. Background: This plugin focuses on improving the user interface for mobile games created in RPG Maker MV, by allowing the developer to have virtual buttons on the screen that interact with...
  6. Tea++


    CUSTOM BUTTON SET TUTORIAL Learn how to customize your button set for your RPG Maker MV mobile games. File size and format specification explanation. Art program used in tutorial:

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