1. Vis_Mage

    Animation Lag on Mobile

    Hey there, A quick question, to those whom have deployed games on Mobile (Android in particular, in my case), have you been able to find a way to deal with the heavy lag spike that comes while using animations in battle? I'm using a decently powerful phone (Samsung Galaxy A71, which has 8gb...
  2. Vis_Mage

    RMMV [RSE] Runescribe

    Download: https://vis-mage.itch.io/runescribe Synopsis: The project was made for the Release Something Event (RSE), and was made within a month. I went into this with the goal to create a game that utilizes RPG Maker MV's mobile deployment feature, something that I was very excited about when...
  3. Eliaquim

    RMMZ Eli Mobile Controls - Responsive on screen buttons for mobile games!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Hi makers! Well, I'm developing this plugin for a long time, and decide to release its beta version for everyone. Because instead of trying to guess everything that you will like on this plugin, I do prefer to get your feedback this time :) So the download already has a...
  4. Kingsley_O

    Corrupt P.C., Lost Everything; Project Is Still Exported On My Android, Any Hope Here?

    G'day all. As the title suggests, I lost my old H.D. 3-4 months ago. Data is unrecoverable according to the experts, however, before I started making some bigger changes on my project, I exported what I had onto an app to test it on my mobile. I still have this app, and I'm beginning to think if...
  5. DigitalWF

    Do I still need two audio files (.m4a and .ogg) for android export in RMMZ?

    I'm trying to make the game size as small as possible. Is there a way I can only use one audio file format for both the game to be running on android and PC? Maybe with a plugin?
  6. Felix Trapper

    Interested in purchasing MZ but only if I can deploy to mobile easily...

    Hello everyone, I am a bit concerned that my initial attempts at searching for this answer were only met with one (older) thread that contained a very long and complicated method, through the use of various 3rd party apps, to deploy an MZ game to mobile. So I will ask again, and hope there is...
  7. DigitalWF

    (RMMZ) Best way to export to android?

    I tried exporting to android with the altimit method for MV, it still works but a little buggy. Like you must tap the screen on the left side of the android device, otherwise the game screen won't show up and just show black screen with the music playing. Are there any other exporting option?
  8. Infected - Story of Survival - nwe JRPG mobile game from self-indie developer

    Hello. My name is Sergey Puchkov and I am the sole indie developer. I had to create a game on my own completely from scratch, but I was supported by one single thought - to create games is my dream since childhood. Even if I'm not doing very well so far, in my country they say, "With the world...
  9. Need help with a mini menu

    Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad English, I hope it is understood. I was looking for some plugin for rpg maker mv, that with X button(example) a mini menu appears with a mobile style. For example something like this: and I have created a sketch image of the options that I would like...
  10. freelandlol

    [RMMV]Cat Hero RPG (mobile 3D RPG game) Android/IOS release

    Cat Hero RPG Trailer Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lvup.catherorpg.maker IOS https://apps.apple.com/app/id1530496780 Most recent update version: 51 Made With: RPG Maker MV - v1.6.1 Price: Free to Play Language: English , Korean , Japanese (supports three languages)...
  11. [RMMV]Your tricks on optimizing MV projects on mobile phones?

    What are your experience on trying to boost a MV project on an, say, an Android 7+ phone with Snapdragon 625 and 720x1440 px to a constant 60 fps? I know that something like Snapdragon 625 is nowhere powerful nowadays, but I still want to cater for such phones, at least because my phone's using...
  12. When will there be a rpg maker that generates real apk files and scale everything at a good size at mobile?

    When will there be a rpg maker that generates real apk files and scale everything at a good size at mobile? Now there are lots of development programs that generate apk files and where you can include advertisments but rpg maker mv still can't do this and is not mobile friendly. Will this...
  13. Al-Farizi

    Need Help!

    Hi there I have some problem with autorun event. Btw i hope i'm not post in wrong forum Ok i make a game for mobile, today i'm test it using Redmi 5A (my phone) and the game run well. But when i test it using my friend phone (Realme 5 Pro), the bug its happen:( , the bug is can't run autorun...
  14. nintendowii111

    Virtual Mouse on Mobile?

    I’d like a plugin that would give the same functionality of the mouse on the computer but on mobile and controlled with touch. For example, dragging your finger across the screen would be the same as moving a mouse across the screen. I’m using a circle pad as an option to move so maybe program a...
  15. darumarchen

    Mobile Push Notifications

    I feel like this question may have been asked before, but I just can't find anything on it... But here goes! I'm trying to see if there is any method (plugins, script, mods, etc) on working push (local) notifications for Android/iOS for RPG Maker MV. My searches have resulted in message and...
  16. Faizal786sunny

    Need help here

    i was trying to play an RPG maker xp game on mobile and this pops up Any issues I could fix?
  17. MushroomCake28

    Questions about android/iOS

    So I decided for my next project to go the pc and mobile route with MV. I never exported to mobile and never coded an app for mobile so I'm a complete beginner when it comes to that (I've coded in C# but not in java, and of course I can do javascript). I just have a couple of questions about...
  18. Eliaquim


    [/SPOILER] You can find the original Help File opening this file and check the Japanese version(jp). The plugin parameters are translated into English by RyamBram. Please give credit to him. Original Plugin by NAK...
  19. Lee Sang

    Sprites show black on Android device

    I have this flower sprite (spoiler below) which contains 189 frames. It looks fine on Windows but when I run my game on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy Note 9), it shows a black square. Sprites that have less than 15 frames can run just fine. Can anyone help me with this? I'll give more detail...
  20. Loz

    Deploying to Itch.io: Game works ok on browser but following error on mobile

    Dear colleagues! I was stoked to have my first demo up and running on itch.io, till someone informed me they got the following error screen playing on mobile, not android app mind you, just mobile through itch.io: If you like you may see it yourself by playing the first 10 seconds of the...

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