1. EseQueL

    Ascendants: Power Rising (Available on Mobile and PC!)

    The PC version is now updated to the latest version! Mobile version (Google Play): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quelgames.ascendants PC version (itch.io): https://quelgames.itch.io/ascendants-power-rising Story: The long-lost ascendants are back. But what is this? They are...
  2. Oatilis

    Widescreen on mobile

    Hey guys! I've been working on a pretty serious project in the last couple of years. Started out with VX Ace and I'm about 85% done. It has full voice overs, tons of custom graphics, music, the works. It's a short funny adventure that's more story-based (no combat, only puzzles). I want to make...
  3. Nerdboy

    How do I make apk for android? old method do not work no more

    UPDATE-it works now, i reinstalled android 2.4 preview 6 - 64bit now it works. Hi, im trying to export my game and compile apk for android. thing is the manual method no longer works from the manual. The problem is the old version of crosswalk 2015 version that has the apk maker. it no longer...
  4. Runako

    Slice and Dice (Like Fruit Ninja!)(Video Included)

    :kaoangry: So, I'll make this pretty straight forward. With the new RPG maker mv, we can transition our games to mobile. One thing I love is to use my fingers to fight in games. I love slicing and dicing. :kaolivid: Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a plugin that could allow you to recreate...
  5. Linard

    Sounds Effects and BGM Issue Android Export

    Hello guys, I deployed my project on android but sometimes Sound Effects is not working properly.. What i mean here is, at first, Sound Effects working properly but after a few minutes, all of the SE are not playing anymore. Let say i played 5 - 10 mins. then the problem will stand out...
  6. luiscesjr

    Simple Sequence Mini Game

    HI everyone!  I would like to ask for a mini game, where the player have to touch a sequence of symbols to pass it. Something like, you give the player 5 clickables icons, and the sequence you need it to be pressed with mouse click, touch action (So it can be used on mobile aswell). There...
  7. Koder

    A way to detect controls

    RPG maker MV controls are not most intuitive ones. While I could possibly guess, that on desktop "ESC" works as menu and back buttons, double-finger-tap on android is not that intuitive. I would like to have a tutorial for my players explaining some basics. But for that - I have to detect what...
  8. JLowther

    How to handle image scaling across moblie devices?

    Is there an easy way to handle image scaling across mobile devices with different screen resolutions? For example, is it possible for a deployed app to check the model of the device and scale images accordingly? Mind you, I'm also including custom graphics that may not be vector-based in this...
  9. Freank

    To the Moon for Mobile

    Five years after its launch and less than a year before its ‘sequel’, To the Moon is receiving an HD remake to retell its story in a new light — to be available on iOS & Android in 2017. The mobile HD remake is being developed by X.D. Network, a Shanghai-based company who is also...
  10. Linard

    Appeared in Window Menu

    Hello guys, The plugin Yep_PictureCommonEvents is very useful when it comes in a mobile game. But when i start the window menu the pictures will be disable temporary and there's no command picture for Ok Button and Back Button as long as you Touch the screen and press the back button of your...
  11. Wavelength

    Your Experience with Mobile Deployment

    I've started designing a game in MV that I feel would play best on mobile devices, but before I go too far down that road, I wanted to make sure that Mobile is actually a sound choice for deployment.  I've seen lots of topics posted about problems individuals have had, which has me worried, but...
  12. Black Rose (Subject to Change)

    Black Rose is designed mainly to be a mobile game on the android, however there are exports for PC and browser based. It is a time-killer rogue-like dungeon game where your goal is to see how far you can get, what you can unlock, what you can achieve before dying. You are able to purchase...
  13. Platfomer + mobile Pad

    I want plug-in platform style. Jump , run + mobie Operation attach the file mobie Operation plugin and Jump plugin
  14. Khayalan

    Resolution for Mobile

    Hey :) Ive got a simple question? Whats the best resolution for a mobile game made with RPG Maker MV? -Khayalan
  15. yongilcool


    THIS IS A SIMPLE BABY LEARNING ABC GAME IN ANDROID VERSION Made by RPGMV and put into apk file. GOOGLE PLAY ADDRESS: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.test2.yong (if you can't see the link please tell us!) If you have a baby or a young child who wants to learn...
  16. Hawkadium

    Mobile Friendly MV Pack

    Hey everyone, I know from experience, how daunting it can be to keep your mobile file sizes under that 50 meg limit.  So I have gone ahead and redone all the default assets that I was able to.  In doing so, I was able to clear up over 70 megabytes. Unfortunately, I was not able to touch any...
  17. Novre


    About: Float is a simple puzzle game created with RPG Maker MV. You move on the tiles to make them disappear. If there are no tiles left, the level is done. So far there are 140 differend puzzle-levels and 13 unlockable characters. Screenshots: The game can be installed on your...
  18. Faytless

    WORKAROUND: Android Tinting not working

        (Work Around) Android Tinting is Broken, How do I fix this? Unless this has been fixed,  Mods please delete this. When using tinting on android,  one of the values in RGB will not work, resulting in a poop color tint as of 10/29/2015, this is a bug in RMMV. There is a way to go around...
  19. Faytless

    Android/iOS - (TL:DR) Converting your project using the MANUAL METHOD

    10/28/2015   A new tech demo was uploaded to the store that will give you options to see how your device will lag under certain events that take alot of resources ( i.e. animations, sprites, weather, etc)   It was uploaded at 5:30am PST,  will be available by 10AM PST Today   Version 4 Toms...
  20. Zalerinian

    Exporting for iOS and Android

    Because there's probably going to be a bajillion posts about this (like this one!), this short thread will explain how mobile exports work.    How it works   Now, Windows and Mac exports in RMMV use the Node.js desktop client to pack the games up. Selecting the iOS/Android export option in the...

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