1. Mobile Export question - Android/iOS

    Hello, I'm new here and I purchased the RPG Maker MV with mobile in mind. I come from Unity and I'm used to exporting out to Xcode and APKs straight from Unity for deployment. When I deploy from MV it gives me an HTML/JS based project folder. Will there be a plugin to convert the project into...
  2. _Shadow_

    [VX ACE] Exporting to other platforms. Is it possible under VX Ace AND RTP Terms?

    I have spotted some games made for other platforms than PCs. I also replied to a thread that made me think of some questions. Since this topic deserves its own thread, and since I don't wanna hijack another just to get an answer, here I go! A] Is there an 100% LEGAL way to export a game as a...
  3. deadahead

    Adobe Phonegap Build

    Hello there.  I am currently starting to make a game that I plan on going commercial with.  I was just wondering if there is anyway I can use RMVX Ace with my Adobe Phonegap Build to port it to a mobile device?
  4. Pugh95Bear

    [Mobile Applications] Face/Tile/Character Set Editing On the Go!

    Compilation of Great Mobile Apps for Face, Tile, and Character Set Editing On the Go! Hey everybody! I wanted to make a small thread for people who have found MOBILE Applications (preferably free) for using in their game development. Personally, I only have access to iOS and Android devices...
  5. Leumas

    Mobile Gaming

    Hey, so lately I've grown more and more addicted to mobile gaming (probably because I just got my first ever phone, like, a month ago) and I was wondering if anyone else loves mobile gaming as much as me... Yeah there's Angry Birds and such that are good, but I like a lot of tower defense games...

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