1. edho08

    RMMV Yet Another ModLoader (YAML) Alpha 0.8

    TLDR Name : Yet Another ModLoader (YAML) Alpha 0.8. Load mods into the game. mods including Plugins, Data (except map. working in progress), Image, Audio. Works on encrypted games but mods cannot be encrypted. works on deployed windows game. Works on game that use enigma protector (please do not...
  2. Poppie360

    RPGM MV Mod support system (v0.8)

    Poppie's Mod System (WIP) PMS for short (I can see the jokes already) So, I wasn't able to find any mod systems for this engine anywhere. Being that I needed one for my game the only real option was to make my own, and i decided to make it a publicly available thing to anyone else who may...
  3. Centipede

    Weapon customisation or Accessories?

    Along with the usual armourers and weapons dealers, I've thought about an artificer shop who can mod your gear. But I'm stuck about which way to go. I've got two options:  1) He takes your weapon and turns it into something more powerful. The menu might look a bit like this: Customise > Sword...

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