1. Poppie360

    RPGM MV Mod support system (v0.8)

    Poppie's Mod System (WIP) PMS for short (I can see the jokes already) So, I wasn't able to find any mod systems for this engine anywhere. Being that I needed one for my game the only real option was to make my own, and i decided to make it a publicly available thing to anyone else who may...
  2. Poppie360

    Questions regarding a mod system I am going to create.

    After having found out how the map file works i would like to ask a few questions and receive help and pointers about my ideas to create a working mod system in MV. I will hide them behind spoilers to save space and organize things nicely. Now the actual use case is for a project i am...
  3. cyanic

    Proof of concept: editor modding

    I was poking around at the editor, and came upon something interesting. Knowing that the editor is made with Qt, and having previously messed around with Qt, I dumped out the contents of the Qt resource bundles. What was interesting is the vast amount of QML source code contained, which appears...
  4. DreamX


    I made this plugin so developers could give players the option to mod the game if they want to. This plugin allows players to override game files without directly altering them. Because of this, it works with Enigma Virtual Box which the RPG Maker MV help docs recommend to use. So even if the...
  5. Removing 2 of the 6 stats from my game

    I want to only use Attack, Defense, Agility, and Magic Attack (Int). Is there any way to not only eliminate Luck and Magic Defense from the battle equation, but from the stat menu in-game entirely? I searched and couldn't find anything so I'm not feeling too optimistic...

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