mode 7

  1. AdamMMS

    Mode 7 Perspective in Games

    After seeing some examples of mode 7 being used, I now regret not using it in my project! Here is a quick example I threw together using a custom perspective: I underestimated how beautiful and cool it can look! Of course I think it would look better if no black edges were visible and that's...
  2. KaYsEr

    RMMV Koruldia Heritage, a pixel painted adventure RPG

    Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven RPG with merciful fights and non-linear progression. The game combines various exploration views in a unique pixel-painted experience. Our brand new trailer, watch in fullscreen 1080p for the best render An original feature of Koruldia Heritage is its...
  3. Poppie360

    RMMV ReFraction

    ReFraction Although the game is still in early development (and has been that way for about a year now) i am working hard on it. Part of the difficulty was that i had decided to switch over to rpg maker mv rather than staying on rpg maker vx ace. However the development track is looking good so...
  4. Denisowator

    Neo Mode 7?

    I know Mode and Neo Mode are available for XP (RGSS). At least that's what I think from my research on these scripts. I want something like Neo Mode 7, but I can't find anything in RGSS3 form (for VX Ace). I want a perspective camera, with things like walls and trees standing straight up as...
  5. Skunk

    Mode-7 World Map

    Hey folks, I have been on the hunt for a nifty looking world map. My idea is that instead of looking directly up and down at it, you are looking at it from an angle. I am sure there is a way to export the image and tinker with it in Gimp, but I was wondering if there is a working Mode-7...
  6. TheWhiteRose000

    Mode 7 + Resolution change issue.

    I have a current issue that is Mode 7 related with resolution changes. When I use a higher resolution from a streached screen mode 7 begins to have issues rendering Neon Blacks anti-lag script helps fix a lot of the issue and I've fiddled with it to to remove even more but I cannot get it just...
  7. LucasGodzilla

    Possibility of Mode 7 Mapping?

    Hi, I was hoping if someone can tell me if the current VX Ace Mode 7 script may allow the possibility of mapping in the editor like this? If it would be possible, it would really cool. But as far as I know, it's only in XP. So yeah, it's only a simple question. Thanks!
  8. TheWhiteRose000

    Airship Request!

    I was wondering if someone could help me in designing a airship for RPG maker VX-Ace in the design of Ragnarock from Final Fantasy 8. Attached is my sprite set to give you a idea of angles I need and before you ask It was modeled after the Final Fantasy 6 Setzer Airship that my friend...
  9. Solo

    Question about the legality of a Mode 7 script

    Hey, there's this awesome Mode 7 script that's even allowed to be used for commercial games (MGC Mode 7 Ace), and I'm interested in using it for my future projects. However, it apparently requires a DLL (provided with the script and to be placed in the game folder) to render the Mode 7 effect...
  10. KireNoslen

    Mode 7 Script

    I recently learned about a script called "Mode 7", which changes the perspective of the map. But despite my efforts I haven't been able to find the script anywhere (or at least not in English). Would anyone know where I could find this script (preferably in English, seeing as how it's the only...

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