1. Emanzi

    How Can I Specify A Battle Background Per Tile?

    (works when world type/field type is selected in the mode for the tileset). So I have an overworked map and I want to control what battle background is specified per each independent tile for example forest for forest auto tiles, grass for grass auto tiles, water for water auto tiles e.t.c. MV...
  2. Uzuki

    Looking For Feedback On My "Story Mode" Setting

    In my game, Princess in a Bind, there are two modes that you will be able to pick from at the start of the game: Story Mode: Applies a buff that makes battles easier, certain enemy skills and mechanics won't be used to make battles faster and easier, Save anywhere not just in certain areas...
  3. jjbones123

    How to set specific resolutions for window size?

    Okay so, i'm not entirely sure how to word this, but i'm try: I'm using the Fullscreen++ script. It allows you to fullscreen games made in RPG Maker by pressing F5 and you're able to choose from 3 different resolutions using F6. For the game I am currently making, I have a very specific...
  4. Omegadragon8

    Yanfly Actor Transformations Lunatic Coding Help

    Hello :)  I am posting this question on Lionheart_84's behalf. Recently Yanfly released an awesome new tips and tricks video about using states to Transform Actor's into upgraded forms (ala Super Saiyan). In Yanfly's lunatic coding, it alters the actors battler and portrait to represent the...
  5. solaris1111

    Yanfly Lunatic Mode need help

    Hi! I need help with Yanfly's Lunatic Mode. I really don't know where to start. With his Skill Learn System, i need to make disappear a skill that is learned, cause in normal, the learned skill stay there with the mention (learned) aside of it. I really really want those learned skills to...
  6. Mad editing mode won't let me edit maps (v1.02a)

    Some kind of black square the size of my cursor is preventing me from editing maps in map edit mode. Whenever I select a tile and want to post it on a map, the square gets posted on the map instead. Attached is the black square posted a few times on my new map.
  7. Misty

    Battle mode script request

    Hello everyone, I need a battle script for my future games. Currently, I'm using Yanfly's battle script for my story based games, but my future games will have a different battle style. The characters will walk around, attack with swords, and throw objects or fireball/magic. The graphics and...

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