1. Creative Ed

    Creative Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2)

    CREATIVE Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2) made possible with bblizzard's Ultra Mode7 plugin Introduction This is a demo that you can download showcasing my own solution to achieve Isometric graphics. This method was achieved using bblizzard's Ultra Mode7 Plugin and tweaking some...
  2. Denisowator

    Neo Mode 7?

    I know Mode and Neo Mode are available for XP (RGSS). At least that's what I think from my research on these scripts. I want something like Neo Mode 7, but I can't find anything in RGSS3 form (for VX Ace). I want a perspective camera, with things like walls and trees standing straight up as...
  3. agoaj

    Mode 7 - Get a 3D perspective on your world map

    I've been working on a Mode 7 plugin for MV over the weekend thought I'd make a post to help keep me motivated to finish it. It's based on 7th graphics mode of the SNES which lets you rotate and scale sprites. This was used to create the airship flying effects in Final Fantasy games With this...
  4. Karbonic

    Mode 7 with terrain tags?

    Hello, I'm looking for a Mode 7 script for VX Ace which allows for the use of terrain tags to make buildings pop up. Rpg Maker XP had a script like this, seen here:  As you can see, the buildings pop up as well as the decorations and the events. I've been looking for a...
  5. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Searching for Side-View battle compatible with Mode7

    I'm basically looking for a side-view battle script for VX Ace that would be compatible with the Mode7 script. When I try to play a side-view battle script, the actors are usually missing or off screen, and I'm unsure as to how I can fix this.
  6. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Mode 7 Rotation

    I've been using the Mode7 script for a while now and I was wondering if it might be possible to rotate the camera in a while that shows the titles in a diagonal way?
  7. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Mode 7 Crashing?

    I've been making a game that uses a Mode7 script ( http://www.rgss-factory.net/2013/10/26/ace-mode-7-ace-v-1-7/ ) <--- This one And sometimes when I go on a map that uses Mode7, it sometimes crashes the entire game, is there a fix for this?
  8. kerbonklin

    Mapping tips for Mode7?

    To anyone who has worked with Mode7, or is familiar with it, what are some good mapping tips with it?  I'm mainly using 30 degrees in my maps with x2 zoom, along with L-R map rotation, and i'm trying to make my maps feel more natural, especially the bottom portions since they lack proper...
  9. FestivePotato

    Mode 7 Script Request (VXACE)

    I need a Mode 7 script. I cant find a good one for VX Ace that is what I'm looking for. I want a Pokémon White-ish script, that uses SLIGHT rendering. Heres a few examples: 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mwg-Rvaq79c 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jGnvbe5QJk

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