1. chumon

    Just a basic character model

    I have a picture for you to go off of. Just like a basic VN sprite I guess, like what would show up behind the text when they're talking. I'd say for clothes like what hes wearing in the picture with matching pants. Thanks! <3
  2. SuperKorven

    RPG Maker MV - Different player models in different areas?

    As you may have guessed, I'm aiming to make my player character have different models depending on the area. By default I want my character to be 2 tiles tall, 1 tiles wide, which I've achieved. What I now want is the program's default "chibi" model (1x1 tiles) of my character to appear and be...
  3. Juanson

    Looking for a Skeleton battler model.

    So I'm making a game with RPG maker mv and Need a animated Skeleton Battler for one of my Character's Im new here and wanted to know if there are any I could use, or if there parts I can get for the character generator that could make a Skeleton, Since he is A Human Skeleton with a deer Skull...
  4. Funplayer

    To use, or not to use XML?

    I've been tinkering with XML lately, and I'm confident this is your best bet for external data in your games. What is XML? How to XML? I can safely say, XML is by far the easiest thing I've used to export and import data.  Why...

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