modern algebra

  1. tvghost

    Modern Algebra Hover Alerts - Sprite Disposal

    Hover Alerts script page: Original script: Once you exit the alert's proximity range (ex: 4 tiles), the alert sprite gets immediately disposed of/hidden. I'm having a hard time figuring out what part of the script tackles this; trying to modify...
  2. FeiLin

    [Ace] ATS Face Options

    Hi! It's been awhile since I touched scripts and whatnot again(Since I always go for the making of the story line first, as well as looking for the sprites and facesets). And since I was always busy with work, I didn't really have that much time. Anyways, this has been in my mind for quite...
  3. kat821

    Request for a compatibility patch (for Visual Equipment script)

    I discovered RPG Maker quite recently, so reaching out to the original creator of the script probably wouldn't work, as the post with the script was written in 2012. I have two scripts that I want to work together: Composite Graphics/Visual Equipment by modern algebra and Superman Ability by...
  4. Anthro7

    [Solved] Novice needs help: duplicate and alter a script

    Hi. I need help. Sorry. My coding skills are suck. So I've got Modern Algebra's quest journal script installed in the game I'm making ( ), and I like the way it works, so I want to use the same format for a second thing - a recipe book. When you open the menu from the game, it has added...
  5. S.Court

    MOG Battle HUD and Modern Algebra Choice options trouble

    Hi, I'm using MOG Battle HUD (13-Lightning folder) and Modern Algebra Choice options scripts and apparently the second one overwrites something about Help Battle Window because under normal conditions, the Layout_Help window shows behind the help text, but with both scripts together, this...
  6. The007who

    Galv's Region effects glitching??

    Hi, so I was basically using Galv's region effects and it would start glitching(I think)with modern algebra - fix picture and yanfly - parallax lock. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for reading. -The007who
  7. Script not working

    Hello! I'm still a newbie around here and struggling around with RPG Maker. I have a feeling this is something obvious and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. Any help is appreciated.  I'm trying out the modern algebra script. I want this new text to show up slowly (mostly to match the...
  8. Donutdude

    Minor Issue with Modern Algebra's Message Options

    Hi everyone! I'm having a small problem with Modern Algebra's Message Options script. I'm attempting to use the Message Size and Position option of having the message box appear over the event. I have fit_window_to_message set as true. And I use the the message commands: \et[x] in order to...
  9. sapiboong

    Disable ModernAlgebra's Item Icon List in battle?

    I am using ModernAlgebra's item icon list, but I don't want it to alter the battle item selection (I want the item name to appear too, not only the icon). Is there any way to disable this script for the battle item selection?  Here's MA's script: ( )...
  10. Kes

    Urgent help with Modern Algebra's Quest Journal needed

    This is the second project that I have used  Modern Algebra's Quest Journal (found here) and up until now it's been without a problem.  Now I've hit a major problem.  I have tried to get a response from Modern Algebra over on, but he is not responding.  The problem is most easily...
  11. JackofBlades

    Parallax Script Compatibility Question for VXA

    I am just wondering if these two scripts will work together to basically provide stable parallaxes that can be animated:,44635.0.html and The first one is Modern Algebras animated parallax for VXA...
  12. ianbach

    What is location of chars on sprite for symphony

    EDIT 11-26-2014 Resolution Thanks to Susan  the setup I was looking for is in 8D battlers an addon for symphony END EDIT Original post below here: Last night I saw a cool post that used text of how to set up the chars on the sprite sheet.  it goes something like down       down/left    ...
  13. Hekudan

    Help with Quest Journal (also, link to download)

    Hi Hi, ok so this is the link if you are interested on having a quest journal:,45127.0.html but my question here is, how do I use it? I'm bad at searching on forums, I tried using the "Ctrl F" on many pages but no tips about this specific script, in case anyone...
  14. ValiantGamer

    Modern Algebra's Quest Log: Won't distribute Rewards? <--- This is the script in question~ Hi guys~! This is my first post on this forum, as it's the first time I've gotten stuck on something that I just couldn't overcome~ and that, is because it's to do with script, and on that front I have absolutely no idea. Well...
  15. wrigty12

    Error in Quest Journal by modern algebra HELP

    I am trying to work Quest Journal by modern algebra into my game, but when I run my game it gives me the error: unexpected tLPAREN_ARG, expecting keyword_end ...| @failed_objectives.include? (i) here is the script Please help, if I can't get this script to...
  16. wrigty12

    Help with Changes to modern algebra's Questlog

    I am looking for someone that is well versed in scripting, as well as familiar with modern algebra's Questlog. I am looking for tweeks to the design of the original script, in order to fit my game better, but I have no experience specifically in Ruby scripting. What I want: 1) I would be able...

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