1. tale

    com_sho Modern Fantasy Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets zip here. Includes: beach, church, library, mansion, yggdrasil (sekaiju) Other tiles: beach environment, books, church light, paintings, world tree Preview- Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use...
  2. tale

    com_sho Shop Inside Tileset

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting tilesets image here. Preview- Tileset- shopA shopD shopinside Terms: - Users must own MV in order to use them - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to...
  3. BK-tdm

    RMMV ⚙️ Mech Gears ⚙️ Demo is out!

    By: BK Gaming Studios Engine: RPGMV Genre: ARPG/Stealth Download Demo version 0.3.1 (Gdrive) Or check the page (Credits WIP will be adding to the list) Art Credits: Avery WhtDragon PandaMaru Plugin Credits: PhoenixKageDesu YanflyEngine Moogle_X Galv Hime SumRndmDude...
  4. Carissa

    Caris' MV Tiles

    Terms of use: Free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as you own a legal copy of RPG Maker MV. Credit Kadokawa and Carissa (for the edits). Reposting is not allowed. Thank you! Will be posting more soon!
  5. PixelatedInkBottle

    RMMV Xeno The Destroyer

    Hello, guys! I am very proud to announce that my first serious game made in RPG Maker has been finished! I genuinely hope you guys enjoy it, short as it is. :kaothx: Additional Info Credits are both in-game at the menu and in the credits.txt file! Please let me know if you find...
  6. xenon

    RMMV Phantasmata

    It's out on Steam as early-access at the moment, please check it out! ( you'll find gameplay video and some media there, for character bios and lore visit PHMT Toyhouse ) You take the role of Alice - a single-parent daughter who loves...
  7. Thordon123

    Modern Military Tiles

    Hi there everyone, I'm just wondering if there are any modern military tilesets available out there, preferably free ones, for use with RPG Maker MV? I'm making a modern adventure game in MV and one of the important locations is a military supply cache, so I was hoping to scatter around some...
  8. Modern Resources

    Hey there! I am looking for modern tilesets, modern character generator parts (accessories, clothing, etc) and the like. Regarding tilesets, to be a bit less vague, I'm hoping to find tilesets to use for both a city and the interior of homes and businesses, if possible. I'm mainly looking for...
  9. Gabbypie64

    Time fantasy bathroom stuff

    I need a toilet and a tub in the Time Fantasy style I have the Future Fantasy and the lack of bathroom stuff bothers me thanks in advance
  10. Rinober

    Futuristic Cities Pack - Examples

    Hey all, I'm happy to announce that my first graphic pack Futuristic Cities is available now. Find it on the RPG Maker store or on Steam! I'm creating this thread to show you some example screenshots made with this pack. It might help to get an idea of what you can actually do with the...
  11. Whitewitchworks

    Crescent Wing Studio presents VXAce resorces

    Resources made for VXAce using both VXace and MV materials, Please bear that in mind. Credit: CWStudio, Kadokawa Non-Commercial: Free Commercial: Free, but I would like to see it please Repost: I would rather you didn't but if you must Please Link back Edits: Sure Repost of Edits: I would...
  12. Rokazulu

    RMVXA Path of Vidya (Modern, Story Driven RPG w/ Sci-fi elements)

    Modern/Sci-fi Role-Playing Story Driven with Classic Turn-Based Action [LIST] Discover the true nature of "Vidya" a technology introduced to Gaia by an unknown cause Level up your characters, acquire equipment, gain new "Vidya" skills, while exploring the world Designed to be a modern day RPG...
  13. tale

    Army RTP Characters Edits & Faceset

    sabakan did a faceset and edits of the first two characters. I followed up by finishing the last four character edits. Actor 1-1 – Ralph | Actor 1-2 | Actor 2-2 | Actor 1-4 – Ulrika Probably someone might have use for modern characters or cameo. Particularly something from military...
  14. LudwigAshari

    Phones sprites?

    Sorry if my English is a bit lame, but I've been improving later... probably... I think?... A-Anyway, I'm not here to just vent my complexes and fears about my communication issues. I have a request about Phone Sprites (...Yeah, is in the title, but I guess that you should need the why and why...
  15. Darkwisp

    RMVX DREAM - Episode I

  16. JtheDuelist

    Non-DLC Time Fantasy Modern tiles?

    Does anyone know if there are any tiles for modern day/scifi setting in the Time Fantasy style that isn't the Future Fantasy pack from the store or Steam (even on Steam Summer sale, that pack is too rich for my blood right now)? All Google has lead me to for the last few days was the Steam...
  17. Neshiro

    RMVXA Shine (Interactive Novel)

    A visual novel with bits of gameplay throughout. There are two parts. Shine Escape from Tempus University! Carter and his classmates realize that time has stopped - nobody outside is moving. Trying to figure out what happened, a man calling himself "Vox" greets them through a speaker. He...
  18. SpongeBound102

    RMVXA SpongeBound: The Attack of Giygas!

    - Synopsis - In the peaceful town of Bikini Bottom, a dark omen is coming.... Giygas, the universal cosmic destroyer is planning on sending all to the horror of eternal darkness before destroying the universe itself... However, an ancient prophecy has predicted that Giygas's plans will fail...
  19. Modern NPC Characters and Character Request

    Hi!, I'm New at the Community! and so sorry for potato english, I'm Argentinian, I'm just making a RPG like EarthBound but in the modern era, i just Need free modern NPC Characters (Like School Girls, Police, Business Mans), cuz i don't know how to make characters, One time i tried but the...
  20. kaleemmcintyre

    RMMV The Devil's Smile - Demo v.01

    Synopsis: In a city of Dabaria strange things are going on with both the people and the animals, meanwhile the local gangs are fighting with each other for dominance over territory under the nose of the local police. For Clive, a member of the Obsidian Klaws, none of this means anything to him...

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