modify existing scripts

  1. RTK_1_Core/EnJa States Compatibility

    I am working with the following plugins Core: EnJa: I'm looking for a way to modify the Core Plugin so that the EnJa Plugin is able to identify localized terms for...
  2. Modify existing scripts or not to modify existing scripts?

    Going over the engine I have been tempted to change existing scripts but my experience with other game engines is that its often not necessary to do so and is often a mistake. For example I am looking into turning the default battle system into a fully real time active battle system. This means...

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working on my avatar, because i couldn't stand looking at it anymore :D
still not finished though...
alpacaraptors = love!
''Finds icons that fits the game you're making'' Only covers 20% of what you need :p
I'm very manic-y right now. I didn't sleep and I wanted to get a bunch of stuff done, but didn't get anything done except the bare bones concept for a POSSIBLE game.
And I can't sleep now because I'm probably gonna be hanging out with my brother and I gotta discuss a bunch of BroCoG (our game group) junk with him plus it's far to late to sleep NOW.
While I wait for judging, I decided to start adding more "friends" to my attic. :LZSgrin:

I swear I need a whole sound pack of menacing squeaky toy noises. :kaoswt:
I can't believe I actually managed to stay motivated for the whole Game Jam duration (1 month!), definitely will be taking a break after this :0

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