1. HimmDawg

    Accessing/changing variable in a module

    Hey there. For my game I wanted to have text sounds when the characters are displayed. For that purpose I use a script from Zerbu ( because I'm fairly new to Ruby. It works perfectly but now I want to change the text sound via...
  2. Installing Evgenij's Draw Animated Characters In Windows Script

    Hey everyone! I'm new to these forums, but I have been playing around with VX Ace for quite a bit. I'm having trouble installing this script however: The instructions in the code says to "include the...
  3. Getting MCI Audio Player script to work?

    Hello. I'm trying to use the MCI Audio Player script by ForeverZer0 at but I can't seem to get it to play audio files, and he's no longer offering support for his scripts. I've looked at some posts on the web about it, but either find...
  4. gstv87

    Window Object Replacement

    Window Object Replacement 1.0 An attempt at rebuilding the embedded object Window so that it would be available for direct modification. This can help artists create new window skins without having to stick to the resource standards. Screenshots License: Free. VXAce only. Contact me regarding...
  5. Spaceship operator in RGSS3

    So the other day I wondered, that is it possible to use the combined comparison operator (alias the spaceship operator <=> ) in my RGSS3 script without including the Comparable module? I ran a basic experiment and it turned out that I could indeed run my game without including it, there was...
  6. Jonforum

    Lights in pixi.js

    Description of the Feature: pixi-lights Hi. Are you planning to include the module pixi-lights ? It is still experimental, but I think that is just fabulous and very simple to use. You can take a look DEMO it's here , it's just beautiful and amazing !!! I...
  7. Change Module Vocab Terms (Simple Script Request)

    I am requesting a simple RGSS3 script that changes the following : When I use an item, the "MP" recovery term pops up instead of the "PP" term that I intended and "TP" instead of "SP" as I intended (see both screenshots below for a better example).  If anyone would be willing to create a...
  8. Milena

    Own "module" with functions inside

    In ace, we have something like this: module Sample def initialize #stuff here endendif we translate this in JS, how do we exactly do it?
  9. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Menu Customization Module v1.10

    Overview This script was made so that other users that don't know much about scripting can easily modify the basics of most of the default windows in the engine. This is done via the user just setting and playing around variable values in the module below. Take note though that it might...

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