1. CaraPrincess

    RMMV Chrono Engine Setup 101 for Beginners please! I am having troubles in setting up the plugins for it!

    Recently I have got the Chrono Engine pack from Moghunter, and that's a HECK LOAD of plugins for just an ABS!!:hsrs: One problem remains for me: How the heck can I set up the Chrono battle system? I'm having troubles in setting it up, since it keep throwing errors if I keep the plugins / images...
  2. MOG ChronoEngine assistance: Stun and Paralysis

    Hello everyone, I have came across a problem being faced with Moghunter's Chrono Engine Active Battle System where I require skills and items needed to temporarily stun and paralyze enemies, whether it'd be used with a hookshot or a boomerang. The problem I am facing is that whenever a stun...
  3. "Mog - Chrono Engine" error

    First of all, i used google translate to write this text, sorry for that. I'm "converting" Moghunter's plugins (ABS Mode) for my project. I crashed just at the beginning (I am a beginner trying to use a plugin that many consider intermediate or even advanced, it was obvious that I would...

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There's 7 main areas in the game that are all connected. This train get's you from an underground lab to the center of someone's subconscious. inside the train you can talk to some of the passengers. but going to the top of it, there's battles.
Speedrunning all character portraits just so they all have the same quality. Not sure if this was a good idea, but now I'm almost done.
We now have a gameplay video!
DrBuni wrote on Akiritas's profile.
That is a cute Link picture, reminds me of the Samurai Jack artstyle.
I had an idea on how to get my encounters to leash after chasing the player for a little bit. After going down the Javascript rabbit hole, I realized I could do it in a regular movement route. Derp!

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