mog plugin

  1. RMMV MOG' Monogatari and SmRndmDde CharactersCreator Ex

    I'm trying to figure out a way to use Mog's Monogatari menu and apply a in-game CC generated face on it. So far, I think the only way to do it was to change some scripts, although, I'm not familiarized with js coding. Anyone knows a way to do it or knows some similar plugin that supports in game CC?
  2. liamx2000

    Need help making a plugin work correctly

    I have been trying for days now to use one of MOGS battle template plugins with mixed results , I followed their tutorial but my battle screen still looks off and I have no idea what I need to edit to make it look correctly and the annoying thing is I managed to do it a few years ago with an...
  3. liamx2000

    Mogs Battle command plugin help please.

    Hello I'm having an issue trying to get my custom made command menu to work, it works with my old project which is an older version of MOGS Demo, I'm trying to update my project you see because my Project is using a very old version of Mogs demo so I wanted to update it to the new master...
  4. liamx2000

    Hi all I need help with using a battle template.

    Hi all I just downloaded MASTER DEMO MV by Mog and I'm kinda baffled how to change templates. It comes with a folder called BattleHud_Templates and I want to use the one named 01_Classic I put all the files in their appropriate places and turned the Scripts on but there are no changes to the...
  5. Luozcurator

    MOG's Title Picture Command and YEP's Credits Page issue

    Hey guys, I was using Moghunter's Title Picture Commands and ran into a an issue, when trying to link it to Yanfly's Credits Page. The "Continue" and "Options" stop the particle effects, blur the screen and appear above the commands. The "Credits" page doesn't and appears a layer below the...
  6. Boonty

    [Solved]Window Transparency with MOG_Background

    Hello guys, I have got another minor issue that I would like to submit to you. I use MOG_Menu Background and SRD_AltMenuScreen_IconCycle plugins to create my menu. Here are the links : My problem is...
  7. Doryan92

    MogHunter scene skill error

    Hello everyone, After some point I decided to change the style of the menus, passing from Yanfly to Moghunter. After deactivating most of the plug-ins that could interfere I've one last problem. Everytime I try to enter the skill menu (the others work properly) I find this error. What does...
  8. OnslaughtSupply

    Modification to Mog's Mog_SceneMenu

    What I would like is a modification to MogHunter's Monogatari(Spelling?) Menu Plugin. What I need is parameters added to have X and Y values for each of the commands. By default, the plugin sets them up staggered and the X/Y only controls where they start and not each individual value. I'm using...
  9. rechronicle

    MOG BattleHUD Change the Anime Flow direction?

    Hello, by default the anime flow of HP/TP/MP parameter is flow to the left, how can I change the direction to the right? The plugin: MOG_BattleHUD Thank you!
  10. Zyvril

    Making MOG's Chain Command not random.

    MOG's chain command plugin is fantastic, but I was wondering if there was a way to manipulate the inputs that it decides or even make combos that will always happen instead of it's default random inputs. Plugin:
  11. lordvalinar

    [SOLVED] Help Please! TypeError with Moghunter script (TimeSystem)

    [ THE ISSUE ] TypeError: Undefined is not a function [ THE RESULT ]: Fixed * The problem was I translated the entire comments section using Google Translate, and therefore it messed up some of the plugin parameters (like the RGBA sections to #,#,#.0 instead of #,#,#,0) for example. So the...
  12. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV: Relationship/Friendship System (&More!)

    Hey! Welcome back to another RPG Maker MV tutorial. As always, the download link is below to get straight into the demo! This one covers storing a relationship/friendship value in a variable to be used to establish some sort of connection with characters around your world. Like a...

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