mog scripts

  1. Gravemaster

    Minor Help with MOG - Menu Cursor (V1.9)

    Hey, I recently began using Mog's Menu Cursor, for VX Ace ( ), and I am greatly satisfied with the result. Because I also use NerdiGaming's Title Menu script (
  2. liamx2000

    Mogs Battle command plugin help please.

    Hello I'm having an issue trying to get my custom made command menu to work, it works with my old project which is an older version of MOGS Demo, I'm trying to update my project you see because my Project is using a very old version of Mogs demo so I wanted to update it to the new master...
  3. liamx2000

    Hi all I need help with using a battle template.

    Hi all I just downloaded MASTER DEMO MV by Mog and I'm kinda baffled how to change templates. It comes with a folder called BattleHud_Templates and I want to use the one named 01_Classic I put all the files in their appropriate places and turned the Scripts on but there are no changes to the...
  4. Doryan92

    MogHunter scene skill error

    Hello everyone, After some point I decided to change the style of the menus, passing from Yanfly to Moghunter. After deactivating most of the plug-ins that could interfere I've one last problem. Everytime I try to enter the skill menu (the others work properly) I find this error. What does...
  5. MelodyZE

    Help! MOGs ATB turn style is too long.

    so, im using mogs ATB and motion battlers with sprite actor, BUT, i dont like how turns take forever.... example. a boss would poison you for 3 turns, and it goes away, but in MOGS plugin, it lasts like for ever and ever and ever - _ -. another example, lets say you do a stun for one turn, it...
  6. Rikifive

    [SOLVED] ATB System - Turn duration

    Hello everybody, I don't know if I posted that in the correct place. I'm using MOG - ATB System (http://www.atelier-r.../ACE_BAT02.html) as well as the other scripts from that site. The problem is about Turn Duration system. By default, there is time based turn system which means that...

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