1. VitaliaDi

    MOG Weather EX not working on one map

    Hi all, I'm trying to get this plugin to work and I have the plugin command activated on the map I want it to appear on and it simply does not appear on the map I want it to. The issues: #1 The plugin is not working on the map I have it set to activate on, the one with the event. When I...
  2. Parallax Panda

    MOG_SceneMenu.js (center align ActorLevel & HP/MP bar "scroll-speed" change)

    I'm using MogHunters "MOG_SceneMenu.js (it's part of his "Monogatari" plugin set, each handling their own scene). It's a cool plugin but I'm having some problems... Basically, I want to display the actor's current level number center aligned, inside an orb, so that even when the number becomes...
  3. Parallax Panda

    MogHunter Monogatari - Mog_SceneMenu (Playtime clock)

    So I'm using moghunters "Monogatari menu plugins" for my game and it's a bit messy overall but the biggest problem I'm having is with the "Playtime clock" displayed in the Menu's main scene (the first scene that launches when you press "ESC". The plugin file that edits this scene is called...
  4. Change HUD image mid-battle with MOG Battle Hud

    Hi, I would like a way to change the HUD image mid-battle if a switch is on. So instead of using "Layout_screen" it would use "Layout_screen2" or whatever. Plugin: Thanks for your help.
  5. "Mog - Chrono Engine" error

    First of all, i used google translate to write this text, sorry for that. I'm "converting" Moghunter's plugins (ABS Mode) for my project. I crashed just at the beginning (I am a beginner trying to use a plugin that many consider intermediate or even advanced, it was obvious that I would...
  6. -Solace-

    YEP's Skill Learn System With MOG's Skill Scene?

    I'm having trouble moving the skill data to MOG's skill menu plugin. I hope someone with better javascript skills can at least give me a tip to pull that off. Thank you so much in advance!
  7. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    I've been using a lot of MOG's plugins and they have served me insanely well in customizing the GUIs and HUDs as an alternative for Luna's Engine. That thing cost me $60 and I can't get it to work properly without errors. Anyway, are MOG's Monogatari plugins compatible with Yanfly's? I'm mainly...
  8. Rpg Gear

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    Hi. I'm New here and i need help with MOG Battle Result for RPG VXACE. i just wondered how can i make a Fade in Fade out effect for the Victory image (After the battle is finished) without the zomming effect. I've tried to modify the script but i've only made the fade out effect. can somebody...
  9. Hisao Shou

    MOG Battle Hud - State Turns not displayed for the player

    Hello everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with MOG's Battle Hud not displaying state / buffs / debuffs turns for the player. More precisely, I'm using MOG's - Honey Bee - Battle HUD, and I'm also using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core if this is any help. I just need the turn timer to be...
  10. Ivalpe

    Help with lighting in MOG Time System.

    Hello, first say I do not speak English 100%, sorry if there are failures, I'm using the translator. I am using the MOG Time System plugin because it is the one I like the most to do the day and night cycle. But there is a cinematic that happens at night with a bonfire and looks like this...
  11. VitaliaDi

    MOG Chrono - Remove Sound on Event [Resolved]

    I can't figure out how to make it stop. There is no sound call in the event itself, but it seems to happen whenever I touch or interact with an event with text in a map. Something as simple as this will play the Item3 sound. I'm using MOG's Chrono/ABS battle system plugins I've tracked the SE...
  12. MOG chorono engine ABS mode reborn enemy

    I don't know if its a stupid question but I just can't find how to reborn the enemy when it is killed it is disappeared even re-enter the map I checked the chrono engine and follow exactly what it did but no idea where or how to make the event appear again
  13. MOG character pose - cannot edit please help

    Hi all I am new here and this is my first post I want to add more frames to the walk cycle and tune the speed of idle pose follow the instruction to add (F + Number_of_Frames) (S + Animation_speed) after file name but it pops up error...
  14. JRand

    Title Menu Layer Rotation.

    I am currently using MOGHunter's title layer plugin and menu command plugins. MOGHunter's title layer plugin allows for layer animations, but not rotation on a stationary axis. MOG has another magic circle plugin that allows rotation, which could theoretically work because the layer I am trying...
  15. JRand

    Stop "Help" window from popping up automatically at battle start.

    I am using the Yanfly Battle Engine Core and the MOG Battle Hud plugin. I have everything set up as I want, including the help window being available for items and skills but not having it display enemy names. I want the help window/layout to still appear when a player selects an item or skill...
  16. Vis_Mage

    MOG Battle Result - Learned Skills Tweak

    Hello! :kaohi: I was hoping someone could help me a small change to MOG's Battle Result script. By defult, when you level up and learn skills, it will cycle through all the new skills you've just learned. The issue I'm running into through is that I actually give characters a bunch of skills...
  17. AdamSakuru

    MOG Hunter Boss HP Bar - Switch for Visibility? Here's a link to the plugin, it's also attached in case you don't feel like downloading the master demo to get it. Basically, I have a lot of custom eventing in my game. When a battle begins, nothing on the screen is supposed to be seen (it's...
  18. buddysievers

    MOG - Battle Transitions + SRD Battleback Scroll

    Hey and hello, when using plugins which animate the battlebacks the game crashes with this error message: this.snapForBattleBackground is not a function The console points to MOG's plugin where the "snapForBattleBackground" can be found. It happens with SRD's and with Yanflys scripts. Anyone...
  19. KaYsEr

    RMMV Koruldia Heritage, a pixel painted adventure RPG

    Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven RPG with merciful fights and non-linear progression. The game combines various exploration views in a unique pixel-painted experience. Our brand new trailer, watch in fullscreen 1080p for the best render An original feature of Koruldia Heritage is its...
  20. Narch

    [Solved] MOG Variable HUD - Bug in its own demo

    Hi Everyone. I been using the MOG Variable HuD on MV 1.5.1. I found a bug that I tested in the master demo on 1.5.1 (can't test on 1.6+). I don't know if it's fixed on 1.6+, but let me share it to you in hope someone can check and fix it (I asked the author by mail but he did not respond after...

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