1. Can Dragonbones Works On MOG LMBS?

    So I Wonder, Can Dragonbones Works On MOG LMBS?
  2. cellicom

    MOG - Treasure Popup + cellicom Mobile Black Box Fix

    Hi to all, I have developed this fix for myself, but I think it might be useful to someone. I read several threads with this issue MOG - Treasure Popup (v1.1) + cellicom Mobile Black Box Fix (20220430) RPG Maker MV Plugin Moghunter + cellicom Features ● It displays the icon and the name of the...
  3. dreamfall887

    Does anyone have Moghunter's Monogatari Menu script? (VX ACE)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for Moghunter's Monogatari Menu script for VX Ace. I have a Master Demo but the script was not included so I think I have an old version. (https://mega.nz/file/XEh2HBha#UeoroGaJl9uj__H1q5qdM0r48EvRsmhzl-AQPKnqvn0) I also tried using Wayback Machine but the download link...
  4. Taiki16

    MOG battle command ex script problem

    Hello everyone and merry christmas. I just got back into rpg maker a little while ago and I have a problem with the mog battle command ex script. Here is the script in question: The problem is that every time I want to add or remove a team member during a battle, I get this error message...
  5. Noa3

    RMMV Mog_TiltlePictureCom i want to use a video for the title

    Hi, started recently to dig in the RPGMaker plugin coding and now i sit here and have absolutely no clue how i want to archive my goal. i want to replace the "Title" picture on on the title screen from Mog plugins collection with a movie one, but i have no idea how i should call or even update...
  6. Romull01

    Mog weather ex plugin

    Someone can post a download link for the Mog weather ex plugin? Will be glad any help!
  7. TheMeowingFox

    RMMV Compatability problem with Mog's BattleHud + Yanfly's BattleEngineCore

    Version: 1.6.2 Plugins: YEP Battle Engine Core, MOG Battle Hud (If I could provide a link to that specific plugin, I would; but I can't. The plugins are provided in the demo if it helps. :kaocry:) Demo: Download Link I can say that on the bright side, the two plugins at least work together...
  8. RMMV MOG' Monogatari and SmRndmDde CharactersCreator Ex

    I'm trying to figure out a way to use Mog's Monogatari menu and apply a in-game CC generated face on it. So far, I think the only way to do it was to change some scripts, although, I'm not familiarized with js coding. Anyone knows a way to do it or knows some similar plugin that supports in game CC?
  9. Vis_Mage

    RMMV MOG Battle HUD - Change how HP/MP bars are Drawn back to Default

    Hey, I have a bit of an odd request. I'm attempting to use MOG's Battle Hud plugin (Xillia format, although I'm not sure that matters), and am running into an issue with how it interacts with some other plugins regarding HP and MP bars. In particular, Moghunter's plugin completely changes how...
  10. Narch

    RMMV MOG Char Particle Effects - Particles priority (layer) tied to event. Seeking help to make it independent.

    Hello. As said in the title, I'm seeking help from someone to modify this MOG script to allow particles to be displayed on one of the 3 layers, independently of the event layer. Plugin commands includes: "EVENT_ID : MODE : POWER : BLEND : X : Y : POSITION : FILENAME", but there's no option for...
  11. NeoShima

    RMMV Loading Error of event indicator (MOG_EventIndicators Plugin)

    Hello everyone I have a weird issue. I'm using the MOG_EventIndicator Plugin to make "New Quest" and "Active Quest" images above my NPCs. I have no idea why this issue appears. Because I have NPC with this kinda feature in 2 maps and at one map when the player takes quest and image swap the...
  12. SirLegna

    Mobile Support for MOG LMBS

    https://sirlegna.itch.io/mog-lmbs-mobile-support This is to solve a problem that was brought to my attention with the lack of mobile support. After figuring out what was wrong, I fixed it. Nothing from MOG LMBS functionality should change, with the exception of mobile builds should work now...
  13. VitaliaDi

    MOG Weather EX not working on one map

    Hi all, I'm trying to get this plugin to work and I have the plugin command activated on the map I want it to appear on and it simply does not appear on the map I want it to. The issues: #1 The plugin is not working on the map I have it set to activate on, the one with the event. When I...
  14. Parallax Panda

    MOG_SceneMenu.js (center align ActorLevel & HP/MP bar "scroll-speed" change)

    I'm using MogHunters "MOG_SceneMenu.js (it's part of his "Monogatari" plugin set, each handling their own scene). It's a cool plugin but I'm having some problems... Basically, I want to display the actor's current level number center aligned, inside an orb, so that even when the number becomes...
  15. Parallax Panda

    MogHunter Monogatari - Mog_SceneMenu (Playtime clock)

    So I'm using moghunters "Monogatari menu plugins" for my game and it's a bit messy overall but the biggest problem I'm having is with the "Playtime clock" displayed in the Menu's main scene (the first scene that launches when you press "ESC". The plugin file that edits this scene is called...
  16. Change HUD image mid-battle with MOG Battle Hud

    Hi, I would like a way to change the HUD image mid-battle if a switch is on. So instead of using "Layout_screen" it would use "Layout_screen2" or whatever. Plugin: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-battle-hud/ Thanks for your help.
  17. "Mog - Chrono Engine" error

    First of all, i used google translate to write this text, sorry for that. I'm "converting" Moghunter's plugins (ABS Mode) for my project. I crashed just at the beginning (I am a beginner trying to use a plugin that many consider intermediate or even advanced, it was obvious that I would...
  18. -Solace-

    YEP's Skill Learn System With MOG's Skill Scene?

    I'm having trouble moving the skill data to MOG's skill menu plugin. I hope someone with better javascript skills can at least give me a tip to pull that off. Thank you so much in advance!
  19. -Solace-

    MOG's Monogatari Compatibility.

    I've been using a lot of MOG's plugins and they have served me insanely well in customizing the GUIs and HUDs as an alternative for Luna's Engine. That thing cost me $60 and I can't get it to work properly without errors. Anyway, are MOG's Monogatari plugins compatible with Yanfly's? I'm mainly...
  20. Rpg Gear

    Mog Battle System Costumization (Victory Phase)

    Hi. I'm New here and i need help with MOG Battle Result for RPG VXACE. i just wondered how can i make a Fade in Fade out effect for the Victory image (After the battle is finished) without the zomming effect. I've tried to modify the script but i've only made the fade out effect. can somebody...

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