1. Zyvril

    Making MOG's Chain Command not random.

    MOG's chain command plugin is fantastic, but I was wondering if there was a way to manipulate the inputs that it decides or even make combos that will always happen instead of it's default random inputs. Plugin: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chain-commands/
  2. Isabella Ava

    Please Help me to find correct place to insert Else Condition into this plugin

    hi guys, i was looking through of the Mog_chaincombo plugin hoped to modify it myself but it's too complicated for me :| Can you give me a little help? This plugin allow player to force Actor doing another Skill after he's played a skill (if player can press correctly a serial of buttons). What...
  3. Bartman901

    Chain Commands-Move Cost

    Hello, I just started to use MOG Chain Commnads today. Everything works fine but when I fail chain command it's just reset my move expect bypassing it or just taking mp/tp cost. (I would like the second option) Do you know how could I change that? There is link to the page of the script...
  4. DMIgames

    MOG Time System + Map Title Issue

    *CONSOLE SHOT BELOW* So I am using Mog's time system and SumRndmDde title map background plugins, everything works fine with the time system on a regular map but if i try the title screen i get an error like this: Of course I added the tags to disable the time system from functioning on...
  5. Skunk

    Help: Trying use the time system to control light switches

    I am using MOG time system and Thomas Edison Lights by Soulre I am trying to figure out how I can set it so when a certain time of day hits, all the outside lights come on. Im assuming I will be using a common event and some variables but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to even...
  6. Larry

    MogHunter's Ougi Animation

    So I have MogHunter's Ougi Plugin installed and it works fine. However, I was wondering if it is at all possible to modify the plugin to show a specific Ougi Animation for a specific skill used? Currently it is setup to where Ougi animations are used based on the actor defined. I'd like for the...
  7. firststef

    Plugin translation from VX ace to MV

    Hi guys! So some of you may know MOG,s Linear Motion Battle System: for vx ace https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-lmbs-linear-motion-battle-system/ for mv https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-lmbs-linear-motion-battle-system/ So this guy (anime13master) added some tinsy functions on the...
  8. MelodyZE

    Help! MOGs ATB turn style is too long.

    so, im using mogs ATB and motion battlers with sprite actor, BUT, i dont like how turns take forever.... example. a boss would poison you for 3 turns, and it goes away, but in MOGS plugin, it lasts like for ever and ever and ever - _ -. another example, lets say you do a stun for one turn, it...
  9. Miseryfactory77

    Mog Battlehud template help

    Hi everyone I made a lot of progress on my project a long time ago but ccidently erased all of my work and did not save a backup of it. So I am getting back into this and using all my free time for it after seeing people who have completed the work that they started it actually inspired me to...
  10. lordvalinar

    [SOLVED] Help Please! TypeError with Moghunter script (TimeSystem)

    [ THE ISSUE ] TypeError: Undefined is not a function [ THE RESULT ]: Fixed * The problem was I translated the entire comments section using Google Translate, and therefore it messed up some of the plugin parameters (like the RGBA sections to #,#,#.0 instead of #,#,#,0) for example. So the...
  11. lokirafael

    Turn a plugin OFF

    I would like to know how I can turn a plugin off in middle game? (An script call to force it off?) More precisely that plugin http://yanfly.moe/2015/11/21/yep-30-visual-hp-gauges/ I'm using a mini game from mog hunter. Everything works fine except Visual HP Gauges gives me a "Cannot read...
  12. Linard


    Hello guys, Anyone who can help me to change the interval of the Minutes in MOG Hunter Time System plugin? And why hour is changing in 0 when its 12:00 am?  :( Thank you so much :)
  13. Silenity

    MOG Time System Bug

    Hello. I'm using MOG's Time System plugin which can be found here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-time-system/ I have a 28 day month and 13 month calendar which is the international fixed calendar. Info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar At the...
  14. SoulOfRock

    Help Me With Mog Battle Hud Plugin (Atelier)

    Hi to all, well my problem : -I Dont want to show faces on the battle hud (Template:Light) so,i change true to false on face visible (First Image) and this happend when i enter on battle.(Second and thirt Image) Pls help me :D  (Sorry for my crappy english :P)  
  15. Trouble with MOG Boss HP plugin

    So I was trying to use the MOG Boss HP plugin to have a small boss battle. However, when the battle starts, I get "TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined."    This it the log from pressing f8 I've done what the plugin wants me to do (I think), which is just to copy the...
  16. Catog

    Ally Target Name and Value Squashing

    Hey there! I've edited the size of the information/target selection menu to fit in with a custom picture-based screen, all done with MOG Battle HUD. Everything works fine, except for this one problem when I try to heal: Now, I assume it would be a case of editing the length of the...
  17. JoePie

    (SOLVED) Regarding Battle_Hud by Mog

    Hey matey,   I'm using Mog's BattleHud on HotDog and I'm pretty sure something was bugging with parameter L_Skill_Y-Axis.  You can see from attached pic it behave differently than item menu, which use the same parameter and PNG file.  It doesn't change the margin between menu and picture...
  18. Gauze

    Command Activation Via Keyboard

    Hey i need to know if there is a feature or a way to activate and Deactivate a plugin like i have a HUD Layer and i want to show when i need to have a quick lock and hide when i dont need, can someone help me with this minor issue? :D Im using Mog_actorHUD Plug in. Show/Hide Buttom BD
  19. Hunewearl

    MOG - Battler Motion and can it affect event graphics?

    I wondered if anyone could make this work with standard event visuals? =) please!
  20. Error when trying to use MOG Pickup and Throw script


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